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AU Terrater: Long Live the King

by Dwayna DragonFire

Dwayna DragonFire Turns out, Dwayna has a cousin that was hidden away from the public, because he was the son of Majesty the Destroyer. This is what would have happened had Dwayna not survived the Great Shadow War of Terrater.
Obsidian DragonFire was the first of the Spirit Dragons, and legend tells that she had five children, each born of one of the elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit. Most people only know of two of her children – Orn, child of Spirit and King of Terrater; and 'Majesty', child of Fire that destroyed his family. Both of the male dragons had children with a human female, and to both of them were born a daughter. What most people did not know was that Majesty had also produced a son.

Dominik preferred not to call himself a DragonFire, especially after what his father had done to the world. Instead, he took his mother Sophia's name of Reiter, as well as her German accent. Majesty had killed her and taken his young sister Amethyst away to be trained into a killer, whilst he was left to grieve as a young boy for his mother. He could never forgive his Father, not even when he died; for his sister had become the very killer the dragon desired, destroying Orn and his wife. Not when he knew that his sister had deliberately aggravated the frost trolls in his home area, to leave the young Princess Dwayna to fight his sister alone. Luckily, Orn's daughter survived, and they swept into another era of a Spirit Dragon monarch.

All was generally peaceful for the next two decades, until suddenly, a darkness appeared in the sky. Queen Dwayna had fallen victim to a malicious force in the universe, and as a result a dark planet projected images of false people to fight against the people of Terrater. It was a brutal war, with so many deaths of Terraterans and hardly anything relinquished from the other side – the beings were soulless, attached to the lifeforce of their dark planet. Queen Dwayna chose to take on its champion alone, whilst the Androids worked to find a way to destroy the dark planet looming over, threatening to destroy Terrater with every breath.

In a more merciful timeline, perhaps Dwayna would have survived the attack and continued to rule as Queen of Terrater. But the dark being managed to drive her dark sword into Dwayna's heart just before the Androids were able to finally destroy the planet. The champion was destroyed with it, but it was too late... the people mourned again, thinking themselves devoid of a monarch, a long lived line of dragons whom were trusted and loved by all on the planet.

That was when the ageless elven knight approached Dominik, knowing of his secret. He looked to her with hatred for the first time in his life as the words fell out of her lips. He was the only DragonFire left, the only one who had a right to be King by lineage. Without him, the populace would go to anarchy, fighting over who had the right to be the leader of all the souls present, the systematic destruction of the way of life that they all held dear. With a heavy heart and cold gaze, Dominik agreed, reluctance and pain in his voice as he did so.

So it was that he was exposed to the public, where outrage followed with more weeping. The son of Majesty would be their King... in their eyes, they had lost everything. But Dominik soothed their tired and torn souls by saying that he would uphold the edicts that Orn had passed, that he would lead Terrater into a new era of glory. But though he put on a brave face, all the courage and bravery Dominik had before was wiped away into nothingness. He knelt before the ageless elven knight at his coronation ceremony, accepting the crown that Orn had once worn. The elf presented him the sword that both Orn and Dwayna had wielded, the one etched with the word 'Eternity', and Dominik finally understood what it meant. The DragonFire line was meant to be eternal, and he had no choice... he would find a spouse and be made to produce an heir, because that's what the people needed.

“Long live the King!” they shouted, as he stood before them. He smiled, but inside he was hollow.