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Lone Hero: Lone Hero-Page 12

by A_Normal_Snivy

A_Normal_Snivy The power of the fluffy girls shines within you!!!

References in the comic count: 1

If you can guess the reference in this comic first I'll give you a shout-out!

Tag List:
@Kasumi Daiyamondo
@Captain Cardboard
@JayBird Joe
@Lazy Millenial
@Sparkling Emolga
@Champion Knight
@nam sdrawkcab

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@Kasumi Daiyamondo got the ref in the comic description! (If you want to know, it's from Deltarune, aka a good game)
  1. PrincessPika~chan
    Mar 3, 2020
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  2. A_Normal_Snivy
    To @PokeStorm, @PrincessPika~chan, @kasumi Daiyamondo, @Spinel, @PlayfulFox47, @Canadian_Fish, @Captain Cardboard, @JayBird Joe, @JustARandomCanadian, @Lazy Millenial, @Sparkling Emolga, @DreamyVictini, @Champion Knight, @Eevee_mimikyulover, @nam sdrawkcab, @SwiftSwoobat, @EeveelutionFans and everyone else who has been reading these:

    Sorry I haven't written in a while. I believe that it evident by now that I've stopped writing these. I sorta lost the creative spark that I had when I started on these. I promise to still make art and short little things featuring these characters, but I'm not making the pages anymore. If you still want to look at my work, I'm currently writing a PKMD fanfic that you can look at if you'd like.

    Thanks for being supportive!
    Mar 3, 2020
  3. DetectiveCatTail
    Holy moly, That looks so good! Keep it up i'd say!
    Nov 28, 2019
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  4. TheJustinMan
    I mean, it's going Sss... so, Creeper? (AWW MAN!) (I already know you gave the shout-out to someone else, just trying to be fun)(Please add me to the notification list!)
    Nov 17, 2019
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  5. Kasumi~chan
    Nov 12, 2019
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  6. A_Normal_Snivy
    @Kasumi Daiyamondo I meant the one in the comic page itself, but I'll count you for a shoutout anyway ^^
    Nov 12, 2019
  7. Kasumi~chan
    The reference is from DeltaRune.
    Nov 12, 2019
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  8. A_Normal_Snivy
    Nov 12, 2019
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  9. Super Lazy Man
    Super Lazy Man
    This is really good!
    Nov 12, 2019
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  10. Chunky Ramen
    Chunky Ramen
    I keep reading these the wrong way and getting confused. I just finished reading another chapter of One Piece and immediately came to this, and wondered why it was so confusing...
    Nov 11, 2019