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The Goddess of Moon: Logo + Intro

by MuxicalMiyu

"Oh! Hello there...
Today, I am going to tell a forgotten tale of old. Because it is forgotten, only a very few people knew this tale"

"100 years ago..."

"In Amaris region, there was a sacred jewel called the Moon Goddess rested beneath the region in Altar of Neomia. The Moon Goddess belongs to the Mythical Pokémon, Cresselia..."

"It was said to be granting wishes and desires to whoever wield it and deliver it to Cresselia. But it was just a myth and still didn't have any detail to proof the rumor"

"People in Amaris protected such jewel in order to get a blessing by the Goddess herself. Until one day, some people began a revolution to obtain the jewel. They called themselves The Eclipse Revolution"

"They started searching and searching until finally they found the Moon Goddess. They brought the jewel to Cresselia and demanded her to give them power to control Amaris"

"Because of their greediness for power, Cresselia sent them away, broke the Moon Goddess pieces into 7 pieces, and sent the pieces to the far corner of Amaris so no one can find them. Cresselia asked the Legendary and the Mythical Pokémons to guard the Moon Goddess piece"

"Now the Moon Goddess has broken, the only way to restore the jewel to its former self is to bring it to Altar of Neomia"

"The Eclipse Revolution is unable to be found after the event. No one knows what will happen to them and what will happen to the Moon Goddess"


The beginning of The Goddess of Moon, mah peeps. It's just a start of what happen 100 years in Amaris region and the Moon Goddess (The story will take place in that)