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Logans Pokemon Adventure: Logan Catches a Pokemon!

by Logan Ketchum

Logan Ketchum Logan headed past route 1 and at a forest. Will He find any new pokemon?
Logan was heading to a forest to find some new pokemon."This is going to be great."Logan said.It was than starting to get dark."I should head to A poke-center quick!".atleast i got there.But when i did,It was closed."Well i should go find a place to sleep" I said.
As soon as I woke up.I found a Person running is the forest,being chased by a pokemon.I said"I should go check it out".I fiannaly caught up.than I saw a Crowd of Treeckos."There is so many."The person that was being chased said.I caught one and than he noticed me."Hi."He said."I am Derrick"."Nice to meet you Derrick.".Logan said."So you like pokemon too?"Said Derrick.Logan then replied"Yea"."Say,Do you want this shiny eevee?"Derrick said.Logan Replied."Why not?"Then Logan took the shiny eevee."Enjoy!"Derrick said."Oh and by the way,I am a gym leader."."Ok"Logan Said.
Then Logan went to the city with the first gym,Will he be strong enough for this trainer?.Will he get his first gym badge?Will Logan will see Derrick again?.All of those awnsers will be in the next Chapter