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Gaiien Region: Localized entirely within your kitchen: Hoarss and Hiemalin

by Keleri

hoarss line.png
Keleri Hoarss ⟶ (Ice Stone) Hiemalin

#125 - Hoarss (hoarfrost + horse)

Frost Pokémon

A sturdy and stolid pokémon, they can live at temperatures well below freezing and in total darkness. They never give up.

Moveset: Powder Snow, Frost Breath, Tackle, Stomp, Herd Call, Avalanche, Hail, Crystal Shard, Glass Needle, Resonance, Double Kick, Jump Kick, Icy Wind, Charm, Pluck

#126 - Hiemalin (hiemal + qilin)
Aurora Pokémon

It is rarely seen. It is said that its mane and tail glitter with the greens and purples of the Northern Lights, and that its horns are as sharp as razors.

Base Stats: 70/70/70/100/100/80 (490)

Ability: Snow Cloak/[Snow Warning]

Moveset: Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Aurora Blast, Peaceful Glow, Snow Wave, Icy Veins, Frostbite, Early Frost, Slash, Icy Slash, Megahorn, Aurora Veil, Crystal Bell, Crystal Glow, Crystal Knife, Diamond Dust, Gem Explosion, Prismatic Lens, Shatterstorm, Twinning, Beacon, Light Blast, Heaven's Light

The colors for Hiemalin are based on a "rainbow rapidash" sprite I found on tumblr a few years ago but that I'm having trouble finding again online.

Fake type alert: Crystal type is based on the fantasy of magical crystals, resonance, synchronicity, reflection etc.

Currently in my notes the type effectivenesses are: 2x effective versus Ice, Fairy; 0.5x effective versus Fire, Rock, Steel, Crystal, Acid; Takes 2x damage from Fire, Fighting, Steel, Sound, Acid; takes 0.5x damage from Water, Ice, Psychic, Rock, Crystal, Light

However, they're subject to change and rebalancing. My fakemon are for a story rather than a game so I'm not super hung up on the numbers.