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The Team of Justice: Litten Is Found

by JesusSaves777

Christian and Blaze were strolling down the Leaf Meadow when they suddenly found a Litten lying on the ground. "Another pokemon lying on the ground?" Blaze said astonishingly.

"Hey, I'm not a pokemon," Christian stated, "I'm human."

"Who knows," Blaze cried, "maybe this one's human, too!" They both laugh.

Christian walks up to the Litten. "Hey," he started tapping the pokemon. "Are you alright?" The Litten wakes up and backs away a little bit and says in a low, strange voice, "What are you?"

"We are pokemon!" Blaze cries in enthusiasm.

"Actually, I was human, but to my surprise I suddenly woke up as a pokemon." Christian stated.

"I am an alien from a different dimension. Then I came to Earth as a guardian, for my power is extraordinarily powerful. My name is Shadow." Christian and Blaze sat there silently, almost as white as a ghost, then looked at each other wide eyed. "My name is Christian and that Charmander is Blaze. Would you like to join us to Blaze's house?"

"I will be your guardian," Shadow said. They walked towards Blaze's house. A cute little green hut made of grass with a mail box. They went to bed waiting for a new day.
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