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Lil' Love Life(The Feel is Real)

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 1
Tell me if I should make more!~:3(Gallade x Absol)
(First time making a love story,without a bad ending...)
Prince walked on the sidewalk of Luminos City,it was raining,but it was a gentle rainfall.He decided to go to the nearest cafe and get out of the rain.He saw a sign that said,
"Beauty's Delightful Espresso",he figured it was a cafe.He walked up to the cashier and ordered a Luvdisc Cappuccino.He sat down at a raised two seated table,waiting for his drink.He took out a sketchpad from his dark blue aslant bag.He started to draw the coffee brewed scene when a Absol appeared in front of him.
"Excuse me,sir Gallade,did you order the extra large Luvdisc Cappuccino?"she quizzed,he nodded and the Absol "handed" him the drink.
"Umm....what is your name?"he asked,covering his,now blushing,cheeks.She chuckled a little and answered in a calm voice,
"L-Lu-minary?"he questioned,she nodded and left.He was so stunned by her beauty that he forgot to introduce himself.In fact,he was so stunned that he forgot about the his hot order in his hand,which was burning his hand.
He snapped back to reality and felt the heat on his palm,he put it down fast and blew on his hand.He went back to drawing after the pain left,and soon enough,an Absol in a cafe came to picture.
"You witch...why must you do this to me?"he mumbled,still enchanted by,everything in her.He sighed and packed up his sketch,grabbed his half full Cappuccino,and left,going back into the rain.
Luminary was still on his mind,even when got to his trainer's art studio.What did she do him?....