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The Grim Afterparty: Like bad father like bad son

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 In this episode, Fawke Love is visited by his estranged father, Willie Love. Much like Fawke, Willie is an alcohalic that likes to party hard. Willie is country music singer, but occasionally delves into classic rock style music.
It was just an average morning at Fawke's place. Fawke was threw a small party, and 17 people showed up. Most of the party people already left, but a few of the people were still chilling and raising hell. An older man began approaching Fawke's front door steps. He glanced at the window and coulda sworn he seen a full moon.

The old man in front of Fawke's house kinda looked like Fawke. but older. His hair was more gray and much longer. The man's hair went down to the middle of his back. He wore a dark red shirt with star shaped buttons going down it. The shirt was pretty wrinkled, and the top three buttons were unbuttoned revealing a lot of chest hair. He wore a leather vest on top of his shirt, but kept it unbuttoned as well. He wore faded and dirty jeans, and had, fancy cowboy embroidered cowboy boots. However his boots were very faded. He also had a thin gold necklace with a silver cross on it tucked in his shirt barely visible across his chest. For all tenses and purposes the man looked like a cowboy, and kinda was, as he was a country singer.

The man's name was Willie Love. Willie grinned as he approached the door, he knocked and some random man who looked to be in his early twenties opened the door. The man was somewhat inebriated and had no shirt on. "the man turned and fell on the ground. A couple people cheered and continued partying. The old man laughed at the poor young man's situation. "Boy can't hold down his liquor. Kinda reminds me of me self when I first started drinkin'. I think I was 14 when I started er something?" Willie said.

He looked around and saw some bottles on the table, "Don't mind if I do" Willie said. He went ahead and got himself a beer in both hands. It didn't take him long to finish them. Some of the people were surprised how fast he put them away. He began looking around the house, "Boy. Boy! Boy!" Willie yelled as he looked for his son. "Who invited the old mother f****r?" Fawke said. "That's no way to talk about your mom" Willie said. Fawke was still somewhat out of it, "What do you want, ya old son of a bisharp" Fawke said. Willie threw the two beer bottles. Ones smashed in the trashcan, and the other went straight through the window smashing both the bottle and the window instantly. Some of the people cheered to this action as well.

Willie turned to look at the people, then back at his son, "Can't a father come visit his only son without his son acting like a little asshole? I put diapers on your bare baby ass, and raised you, and this is the thanks I get? No, hi dad! No, have a beer dad!" Willie said. Fawke was becoming visibly annoyed, "Fine dad! Have a beer! Have a round, but what the hell do you want ya old bag of bones" Fawke said.

"That's much better. Haven't had anything to drink all day" Willie said. Willie walked over, and grabbed two more beers, and finished them as well. "Don't break any of my stuff old man" Fawke said as he went to sit down. The television was on, and it was a horror film playing. Watching drunk people freak out to jump scares in horror films was hilarious to Fawke. Willie walked over to Fawke, "You know it wouldn't hurt you to visit more often, your mamma wants to see you every now and then. Plus she cut my booze spending limit again. Won't let me spend more than 60 dollars a week on the stuff" Willie said. "So you came here to bum some off of me is that correct, old senile fart?" Fawke said. "That and to check up on ya" Willie said. Willie threw the two empty bottles, both smash as they land in the trash can.

"Your gonna do alright. Your just like me" Willie said. Fawke pinched the ridge of his nose, "Old man, if I was anything like you. No. I'm not even gonna think about that mess. I'm better in every single way" Fawke said. "You got that dam attitude from your mother's side of the family" Willie said. "Toooox... Tox" Doku muttered. "that pokémon of yours reminds me of my old pokémon Lone star. You remember Lone star right?" Willie said. "Yes dad. I remember your braviary" Fawke said sarcastically. "Lone star was more majestic, but Doku is alright" Willie said. "Ya think" Fawke said faking a friendly tone.

The two continued reminiscing for a couple hours. By this time the rest of the party goers either managed to leave or were passed out somewhere in the house. Johnny came over to the horror. "Fawke, I came over to get my guitar I left last nigh-" Johnny paused. he didn't say any word after that but in his mind he was cussing up a storm, "Oh its you, Fawke's old man, huh?" Johnny said. "And your Fawke's friend or something" Willie said. "Touché" Johnny said walking to the other side of the house to get his guitar. "I'm too tired to clean now, your a grown ass man Fawke. Clean your own dam place this time" Johnny said.

Johnny left, and Fawke began looking at the mess in his living room, "Probably" Fawke said. "Don't worry. We can knock it out pretty quickly. That Johnny fellow. I like him. He seems alright" Willie said. "Yeah he is" Fawke said. The two quickly cleaned the house in about two hours. Fawke's father left happy, and Fawke agreed to visit his parents more often.

sidenote: The name Willie is a reference to Willie Nelson the country singer. Also Lone star is a reference to texas's nickname 'The Lonestar state'.