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Series #2 - LITSR: Life in the Sigma Region - Introduction

by Luminites

Luminites Welcome to the introduction of this brand new adventure. Where our young protagonist begins his Pokemon journey in the Sigma Region, a region full of different kinds of Pokemon from many different regions.

Hello, my name is Darren and I am 15 years old. I am currently on the S.S Tempa, and I am on my way to the Sigma Region. I really don't know what is over there, but my journey will start there, with Professor Valor at his lab. I feel really worried and excited at the same time.. Excited because I'll be setting out on a journey, but worried because of what is going on over in my region, Hoenn.

You see.. Hoenn right now is under attack by Neo-Aqua. They took down their old rivals, Team Magma. And let me tell you, Team Magma didn't stand a chance once both teams fought at Sky Pillar. To be honest, I don't know why Brendan, our current and youngest champion didn't do anything to help Hoenn. But anyway, that's why my parent's sent me here on this ship to the Sigma Region, to keep me safe from all that harm.

I am still worried about my parents, I don't know if they will end up dying from the attacks... No.. I shouldn't think about this right now...


I think I hear the ship stopping, have we landed in Sigma?
I think we stopped! Man, I feel really glad right now.

- 5 minutes later -

I'm about to get off board! Let's start this journey off shall we? Sigma region! Here I come!

Arcwood City

Woah.. This city is full of life, it's incredible! I actually like it here, this must be...
Arcwood City? I've heard that name before.. Perhaps on the ship? I don't remember. Anyway, I should go look for the professor's lab, which is located in the far east in this city if that's what he told me.

Well, I got some time to explore Arcwood before I start so.. Let's check this place out.
They got a better Pokemon Center, that's cool.. No PokeMart it looks like.. And the gym is right over here..

???: Excuse me.

Darren: Huh?

???: Sorry if this sounds dumb to you but, do you live around here?

Darren: No I don't. I just got off the ship.

???: Oh! My apologies, I thought you were a resident here.

???: So what region did you come from?

Darren: Hoenn. I came here just for a visit.

I am not telling him my true intentions, why should I? He's a complete stranger..

???: Hoenn? Ah, such a tropical region! I've been there before, once..

Darren: Oh?

???: Anyways, it was nice talking to you. I have to go back to my house for something, uh, goodbye.

Darren: Uh, you too!

What the.. Who was that guy? He seems really mysterious.. He didn't even tell me his name too! Strange. Well, I think that's enough of 'exploring the city', I think it's time to visit Professor Valor.

I'm here! It took me some time to get here but, I made it. I wonder where the professor is..

Valor: Hello Darren! It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person.

Darren: Thank you sir! It's a pleasure being here for my journey.

Valor: Oh yes! I just finished preparing you for you're journey ahead. Come with me to the back room if you would.

Darren: Okay!

Valor: Alright. Before you get started, I must give you a few things.

- Gives Darren the Sigma Pokedex -

Valor: Now the Pokedex is important for you're journey because it helps you learn and record data onto the Pokedex in order to achieve the National Dex. Here, I will also give you these before we start.

- Gives Darren 5 Pokeballs and Running Shoes -

Valor: With Pokeballs, you are able to catch any Pokemon if you're successful of course. Even though some other types of Pokeballs are much greater, this one is good for beginning trainers who can pay for some easily, and they are easy to encounter through any region.

Darren: Cool! Thank you very much.

Valor: No problem. Anyways, I shall guide you now to the Starter Facility where 21 Pokemon can be chosen for you're journey. Please, follow me.

Darren: Alright then..

Man! This is getting better and better! But what starter should I pick.. The only starters I'm familiar with are the ones from Hoenn. Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip.

Valor: Alright Darren, welcome to the Starter Facility! In here, you can only choose one starter for you're journey, that is all. We have all starters from either, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos. We also have some new starters from a region called Alola if you're interested.

Darren: Oh wow! So many choices huh..

Valor: I'm done talking! You can decide which one suits you the most, good luck.

Darren: Hmm.. What should I choose?

Which starter?
ANSWER: Turtwig

[​IMG] Lv. 5

From: http://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen5/blackwhite_animated_front/387.gif

I'm choosing Turtwig, I've never heard of this Pokemon before so it should be interesting.

Valor: Ah, you're choosing Turtwig? A nice choice I must say.

Darren: Where does Turtwig come from? I really don't know anything about it.

Valor: Well, you're from Hoenn correct? I think that's why you probably haven't heard of Turtwig before. You see, it's from the infamous Sinnoh Region, a northern region I must say.

Darren: Sinnoh? Oh yeah! I've heard about it one time..

Valor: So anyway, I think that raps up this process. You are free to leave with your'e Turtwig, you're Pokemon journey starts now.

Darren: Thank you so much for this! I'll do my best.

Valor: I hope so too! Good luck to you and you're future team of strong Pokemon!

And so.. Darren now owns Turtwig, the tiny leaf Pokemon and starts his very own journey in the Sigma Region. Stay tuned for more of, "Life In The Sigma Region".

[​IMG] *Trainer Card is only for story purposes, all rights go to Pokecharms for letting me use this*