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Poems: Life goes down before up (a poem about my depression and current position in life)

by SharkByte

SharkByte This is the poem I made for my friends I just wanted to share it with everyone to see that no one is happy go lucky every moment of there life the sad truth is that we grow up and move on and one day even the most crazy child must one day leave his parents...even going to a group home
A cold winters day you ask if I'm okay
I say yes there's just no heat
The truth is I'm lying straight through my teeth
I shed a single tear right here In my room
And say things like "I wish I wouldn't go this soon"
Than I go online...everything seems fine
I talk to my only friends
With what feels like two scared hands
I than try to sleep...but I can't bear all this heat...
The pressure builds as I say good night....
I just hope I can make it through another night
If I could cheer up I would
Forget my past not be misunderstood...
But alas I cannot...that fact I have not forgot
So I sit here in my room sound as a sheep
But inside.......
My heart no longer beats....
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  1. SharkByte
    Thanks buddy...the poem just came to me in the car after my dad was talking about how no matter what happens that he'll always be there for me...he also said that "oh don't worry you'll find other friends" ugh I was soooo mad!
    Feb 27, 2016
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  2. TooBlue12
    I'm liking this because I think it's well written, not because I want you to go or anything like that.
    Feb 27, 2016
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