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Hyperion Trio: Libra Z

by Anime Psyclone

Libra Z.png
Anime Psyclone Said to rival the power of Gemini X and Scorpio Y, Libra Z is a bug covered in armor. The golden armor seem to enhance it's attacks, but even without it, it is very strong.
Type: Bug/Normal
Ability: Z Hive, Not very effective and attacks the opposing Pokemon is immune to will deal super effective damage, but only if used by the Pokemon with Z Hive(Example: Libra Z used Giga Impact! Z Hive! It's Super Effective!)
I'm not as happy with this as I am with the other members of the Hyperion Trio. It looks kinda dumb... The main body is from Pinsir, the gold lance from Escavilier, the tentacles from Deoxys, the bottom of it's legs again from Deoxys, Masquerain's wings, and Volcarona's head. I wanted to change the eye color, but Scorpio Y has red eyes, so I don't think it matters much. It does have a Pokemon on my team in OR, that being Volcarona. Mewtwo, which I used in Scorpio Y for the skull and other parts, is also on my OR team.
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