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Other People's Ocs: Levi and Shino (Contest)

by Willow Tree

7vQ4dwo.png LNQ9NNn.png c8ioQcw.png
Willow Tree These ocs belongs to Amethyst and Jeanne on pokefarm, I'll link their profile at the bottom. :)
I midway shading this, I decided to use a new brush to shade, so if some part of the pictures looks different than the rest by any chance. That's the reason.
They have three different universe for their characters, and I decided to torture myself by drawing all the universes with backgrounds including both characters. All of which I am horrible at pulling off. It did turn out alright, so I'm happy with that. UwU
I did add in speech bubbles for their word exchange, but I'm not going to share it here.
Levi is the boy. Shino is the girl.
The universes in order:
Amethyst: https://pokefarm.com/user/Amethyst (Amethyst's Profile - PokéFarm Q)
Jeanne: https://pokefarm.com/user/jeanne43 (jeanne43's Profile - PokéFarm Q)
  1. E.K.A.N.S.
    Thought they were both dudes when I first saw this lmao
    Oct 15, 2020
    Willow Tree likes this.
  2. Gamingfan
    Oh god that last one.

    Poor Levi.
    Oct 3, 2020
    Night's Shadow and Willow Tree like this.