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lets out about Pokemon O.CS

by BenderBot

but I came up with a pokemon anime, o.c named Leslie!

she's an adventurous browned haired girl. she's 16

She was an orphan girl, who met a lonely baby Noibat while walking through the woods to pick berries for supper. She met an abounded starving baby noibat. They later became friends. She'd stare her soup and bread with her noibat, until they became 10 years old, her and friends Lucifer went on an adventure through Unova, later on Lucifer became her boyfriend, and he replaced the electric gym leader. He gave his trusted Eelektross to Leslie, that Leslie gave to him when it was a little tyano. Lesie went off to Kalos to get gym badges and she met ash, clemont, bonnie and Serena

Her pokemon by that time was Noivern, vibana, tyrunt, larvesta, eelektross, and Weavile.