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The Great Pokemon Escape: Let's Get Diggin'

by King Miles

King Miles This Is Part 2 Of The Great Pokemon Escape
Isaac And Goller Were In Their Cells Then The Bell Rang For Morning Rolecall Emily And Future Her Xatu Said To Them "Good Morning, Slept Well On Your First Day?" Asked Emily "Yeah But I Think I Know A Way We Can Break Out," Whispers Isaac "Cool, Tell Me At Breakfast Time ." Said Emily then Went To Role-call.
It Was Breakfast Time And The Cook Said "Today's Dish Is Pancakes and Eggs." Then Isaac And Emily Sat Down. "Ok What Is Your Master Plan?" Said Emily " Ok I Have Gotten All The Spoons So We Can Dig A Hole And Escape." Said Isaac
It Was Then For Free Period Isaac Spent Most Of His Free Period Helping An Inmate By The Name Of Edgar He Was An Old Timer And Issac's Mission Was To Get Back His Pillow Back From A Biker by The Name Of Jacob He And Goller Started Attacking Jacob and His Heracross Then Retrieved Edgar's Pillow And Gave It To Edgar. Then Edgar Gave Isaac 20 Poke dollars.
Then The Bell Rang For Lunch. The Cook Said To The Inmates That Today's Lunch Was Baked Beans,Hot dogs And Stew. Issac And Emily Fed Their Pokemon Before They Were At Free Period.
It Was Time For Isaac And Goller To Do Their Job Which Was Laundry But Emily And Future Were Unemployed Isaac And Goller Ran To The Laundry Room And Started To Work. Isaac Took The Inmates Clothes And Goller Took The Officer Jennies' Uniforms And Started. Issac And Goller Were A Natural At Their Job By Time It Was Only 2 O' Clock They Were Finished.
It Was Exersice Period, Issac And Goller Liked To Go On The Treadmills And Worked On Their Speed Then Isaac And Goller Started To Get Tired And Started To Talk To Emily "Hey Emily Working On Your Strength?" Asked Isaac. "Yeah... I'm Working On My Strength Cause People Are Saying That I'm Getting Weaker." Said Emily Angrily And Setted Her Weights Down. The Officer Jennies Told Everyone That It Was Time To Shower Then The Male Inmates And Pokemon Went On the Male Side While The Female inmates And Pokemon Went On The Female Side. When Isaac Finished Showering He Went In His Cell And Started Digging A Hole Underneath the floor then the Floor Broke Open It Was Then Lights Out Then Issac And Emily Said Good Night To each Other Same With Their Pokemon. Then Issac And Goller Fell Fast Asleep.
To Be Continued...
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  1. NerdyNinja
    I almost thought there was gonna be a digglett pun somewhere in this chapter
    Mar 15, 2016
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  2. King Miles
    King Miles
    If You Want To Be In The Next Episode Feel Free To Tell Me About The Character You Want Like What Type Of Pokemon He/She Has And Their Age 20 -50
    Mar 5, 2016