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Legend of Gomoza Mountain: Legends of Gomoza Mountain Chapter 2, The Darkness Dojo

by Clite of Dragonbow

Clite of Dragonbow One of many Osoru adventures he has made in order to become stronger.

Osoru had many adventures outside mountain Gomoza in his early years between 14-15 years. (4 years after chapter 1 events and story). As he wanted to gather more and more power, techniques and master the art of all combat.
The boy knew that Oni souls were different from normal ones and how Oni soul could only be absorbed by Oni. It was like giving a baton pass for new generation to get stronger. So the boy searched for the items that could have Oni soul inside them.

One of his more known adventures as he searched those items, started when he met with some castle guard captain.

Appereantly, Oni's were seen as thiefs, burglars and spies so the Captain thought that Race is enough to have Osoru decapitated.
He stood at Oni way to leave the city, with a halaberd in one hand.
"In the name of our beloved King, this evilspawn cannot leave city alive. I shall be the one to carry this duty!" He exclaimed and laught loudly for everyone to hear. His armour shined on a bright rays of sun and he probably looked like some sort of a.... Hero? Osoru couldn't tell, this captein didn't look to him as someone as great as Gomoza. Just a plain old man... No... Maybe not plain.
Although this man Personality wasn't the best, Osoru felt he wasn't weak.

"Stooooop!" a young lady in some weird robes yelled to them.
"Why won't you just let him go?" She asked looking at the captain.
"He is the enemy of the state, so he is also mi-.."
"What he did that-..."
"He is an Non-Human! Didn't we just ended the war with those fiends?!" Captain yelled visibly mad! The crowd yelled too.
"He is right!"
"Those fiends killed my cousin!!"
"Get rid of that abomination!"

"Let's make this quick" Captain added and threw a left side swing towards Osoru, agumented with the power of wind Element, sending a powerfull blow that sended also a gust of wind, harming a way people and items. However it seemed that Osoru was unharmed, Captain wasn't really looking, but he was sure that he decapitated his enemy, so why?
"Attack Stance... Diamond Kata.... Ironbreaker" Osoru whispered, a fast kick on lower part of chest, going through armour, getting stuck on opponent rib, pushing Captain forward sended him flying backwards at the building.
"Can I leave now?" Boy asked innocently, when no one approached him, he left the city.

Few hours passed and it was getting annoying. What that girl could want that she followed him all this way here?
Tao turned around to see that young lady in weird clothes. It was something like a white shirt connected with white trousers by the black belt around her waist. She could be around 22 or something like that, so quite young for a human.
"Well, what do you want from me?" The boy asked looking at the girl.
"What kind of martial art did you use?!"
"Martial art?" Osoru looked confused at the girl as he didn't get a thing from what she said. "That was one of Oni combat techniques, I came out with it myself tho, using one human movements as a basis." Oni explained.
"So Monsters have their own kind of Martial arts?" She looked suprised, but weirdly excited, which made Osoru uneasy.
"Hey, I got an idea. My name is Kaji, and I am the student at dark element dojo Onamito. Would you want to come with me?"
Travel to the Dojo took a few good days, on the way Osoru as always trained every day, on the way he stopped aggresive Tyranitar from attacking the village and rescued pokemons during the storm, after a week they reached the dojo and entered it. The building seemed quite old, but well kept and beside Kaji, there was also old man named Gaku, a Pangoro and Grimmsnarl.
Osoru asked after he greet everyone if Gaku is the master of the dojo.
"No, I am just Vice-Master, Master Ur is currently training in the mountains so he wont return in a while"
Although Osoru felt a bit dissapointed, he decided that he should use well this time and decided to train and after that spar with students at the dojo.
Around 10 days after the events in the city, the big trial of Evil Strike was about to begin with Pangoro as the first opponent, Osoru took a deep breath and prepared himself for the spar that was about to unfold. Kaji called out 'good luck' Elder annouced spar to begin and Pangoro quickly aimed the night slash at Osoru, who blocked the hit. Another night slash met with Osoru grabbing Pangoro hand and using a throw, but Pangoro managed to stand on his feet and hit with the Drain punch, following up with the low sweep and Pangoro leg landing with full force at Osoru left. The boy almost fall on one knee and then received another low sweep in the head.
"Its over?" Kaji wondered when the elder just shaked his head. Osoru headbutted Pangoro belly and raised distance between them. Pangoro shoot the Dark pulse beam at Osoru, that wasn't really illegal to match rules. Osoru meanwhile took a weird stance.

Attack stance... Defense stance... Magic stance... (Magic stance and attack stance only difference is that amount of physical power in attack stance is converted to magical attack potencial)
Those three are the stances of Oni's martial arts, and Although magic stance was always limited to power control without use in combat. Osoru did decide and use it in combat. Two big spheres of dark magic energy, around 1'4" in radious appeard in Osoru hands. Oni rushed and as he blocked the beam with one hand he closed the distance and hit Pangoro with another. Causing it to explode. Osoru won by the KO.
"Somehow crude... But smart at the same time" Elder commented, another fight was to start in a next hour after the break. Fight with Grimmsnarl, who is stronger than Kaji and Pangoro.

Grimmsnarl took his place in arena, as well as Osoru did took his place. Both opponents glancing at each other and rushing at the same time when they heard annoucment to begin the spar.

Grimsnarl made a punch, which got blocked by Osoru. "What the... Its incredibly light, like if I got punched by the feather." Oni thought and quickly kicked pokemon torso, sending it back. Pokemon rushed and punched again, although it was stronger than previous one, it was still weak. Osoru made a small punch bareage and made the pokemon kneel. It was a deception, first Grimsnarl in fact use two power-up punches and now. "Watch out!" Kaji shouted but it was too late. Grimsnarl head was bowed... False surrender. He quickly raised his head as Osoru went for the punch and headbutted him with great force and then he entagling him in muscle-like hair, threw him at the wall and Osoru broke through wall in big force. Grimmsnarl followed Osoru outside and Osoru, wrapped in the being hair, took defensive stance and redirected power flow. Grimsnarl was schoked as Osoru midair lift him up with his hair, made with him a circle and hit the ground down below. Grimmsnarl released grip and Osoru rushed to him quickly.

It keeps getting shorter... My time between stance changes...

Fighting strong opponents make Oni grow faster in power, this enormous combat potencial is what makes one... An Oni. Grimsnarl got up and tried to attack with spirit break, but Osoru quickly changed to defense stance and blocked it, he reached the opponent. "Diamond kata, Ironbreaker" Osoru yelled, kicking with thickened muscles in the foot Grimsnarl sending him mid-air. He raised leg upwards as high as possible, he changed to magic stance and surrounded leg with dark magic, agumenting it, and then suddenly back to the attack stance. "IRONBREAKER REVELATION!" He kicked Grimmsnarl with agumented, attack stance kick, smashing him onto the ground,breaking heavily the ground below his opponent. His opponent fainted. As Osoru started sparings in Dojo he had 2 second break between stances... Now it was below one second. His opponents weren't weak and so they keep help him to get stronger.

Next day, Osoru could hear knocking to his door room and suddenly Kaji entered it and said "Master of the Dojo... He wants to challange you"
Well, that was at least unexpected. It seems that Dojo Master felt powerful elemental energy during yesterday's spars and returned earlier to test his strenght on the reason of this energy, Osoru.

What was more suprising to Osoru was that the pokemon was somehow unknown to him by species, but everyone refered to him as "Master Ur of Single strike of Darkness" or just "Master" or "Ur" in short.

Ur and Osoru took their stances outside the dojo as old man Gaku was more than sure they would destroy entire dojo in the fight and even area that greatly surrounded it.

"Take the stance..."
"No turning back"
Old Man Gaku exclaimed and the battle went off, Osoru rushed and tried to hit, but the Urshifu just by the hair dodged and suddenly Osoru was pushed back, but he nor any of the dojo practicioners could see the move. He got up and rushed again at enemy. He got sended again, rolling mid-air in the sky due to amount of force of hit. It even greatly broke ground under Master Ur feets.

Osoru could finally see it, it was a moment of the blow, but he saw it. He got kicked in a Chin with fast wicked blow of master Ur.

Osoru hit the ground in forest part, impact caused ground to shake and break, several trees to fall and Oni in all the pain he received, needed a plan.

Osoru slowly got up and saw Master Ur coming seeing that he was about to iron head the Oni, Tao made a side step, he put on a block as suddenly as the opponent tried to punch him... The blow went through the block. Unseen fist, a skill that Master Ur used to break through any and all blocks. The dark punch hit the liver and Osoru was knocked to the ground, Master Ur tried to stomp at him, but missed by the head.
"Redirection and Flowing Kata, Swimming Swallow" Osoru whispered and start to push back master Ur a little, forcing pokemon to block his attack.
He had to use every even a little advandage. He aimed for Ironbreaker kick, but Ur was ahead of him and hit his chest with incredible dynamic punch, which landed mainly becouse Osoru was focused to beat down the Dojo master.
Oni was sended flying with how powerful this blow was and crushed through the ground again. His head felt shaky, his vision was blurred.
"Focus, Focus..." He was repeating to himself. Ur was coming for a finisher.
"I can't block him... And he is faster too... I need to.. Dodge before he moves" He gritted his teeth.
He barely made it when Ur attempted to strike. Redirected the flow of that strike, by entering for one second magic and then defense stances.
"Darkness and Redirection katas, Shadow Willow"

Ur was knocked from his feet and got to be thrown at Osoru, but even with the incredible amount of force that their powers combined had, he barely got to be lifted and mid air.
Osoru focused the darkness empowered from magic stance to get to his fist, tightening his muscles in his fist, and letting the flow of his entire body power to center in one point.
"Darkness, Diamond and Flowing katas, Eclipse Ironbreaker Revalation!" a powerfull hit landed on the Master Ur head.. Knocked for good single strike Urshifu couldn't get up for a while, the winner was only one. Osoru fell unconcious for a bit on the ground right after this.

"There is no mistake that master Ur had greater power..." Gaku said "But Martial arts were made to defeat more powerful foes with technique, boy couldn't win with Master on his strenght alone, but although both of then used Martial arts, it was this Oni boy that won."

"Thats how superior to ours is Onis' martial art."

After all this, Osoru thanked everyone and was on his way, as parting gift, he received dojo's black belt, which he happily accepted.
Many more trials awaited the Oni in his road to become the strongest, the master of combat.
But thats a story for another time.
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