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(Legendary Encounter Flash Challenge): Russet Path's Temple

by Celsci

Celsci The end of Kiyu's adventure is at hand. Preparing to challenge the Leauge, he searches for answers at a temple, only to be encountered by his rival.

(One-Shot OCs for contest legendary encounter contest)
Kiyu clutched the red and white ball tight, his brown hair and black eyes determined and focused. His shaggy, black pants were held together with a belt, holding his other partners, who were also encased in what was called a Pokéball, yet of different varieties. The boy's shirt was simply gray, and on his back was a black-and-white backpack, holding all of his personal effects and valuables. Above him stood a path of orange and dusty rocks, russet pathways and a treacherous quest. He looked down at his almost pale hands, at his Pokéball, and then back up. He was ready. On, he charged and pressed on. His journey was as hard as the path waiting for him, if not even more difficult. As he ran up the path, countless Pokémon launched at him, claws and teeth ready to bite into his or her foe. The blazing sun was a drawback as well, as the rays were merciless. Though, the end of Russet Path was beautiful, a sudden change in scenery as small flowers and sudden outbreaks of grass awaited him.

Though, there was poison planted in the garden, ruining the tranquility. The venom was so powerful, even the Pokémon hidden in their capsules shivered. It was none other than her. A female about his age stood there, her red hair flowing in the wind and her blue eyes seeming colder than ice. Her height complimented this, as well as her black boots and tight pants. Unlike Kiyu, she wore a hoodie, but similarly to him, it was a similar shade of gray. Her bag was set aside and much smaller. Still smiling, his rival spoke, her jaw opening. "Kiyu. Didn't think you'd make it this far." she closed her eyes and began to speak again. "But it's too late. I shall be the one to awaken the great Arcues, and even tame The Almighty."

Kiyu stared, his mouth slightly open, ready to speak. Yet he remained silent and sent out his first Pokémon, a feisty one who seemed ready to battle at any time. The energy released from the Pokéball began to morph and change colors until it materialized into a Lucario. His opponent smiled. "So, it's a battle for Arceus? Alright Kiyu. I, Shina, will not surrender easily!" she lunged her Great Ball into the air, and a sphere of energy began to take shape. "A-ALAKAZAM!" the Pokémon cried.

Kiyu began to think out his strategy and observed the battlefield. "Alright. Kizar." the Lucario turned around and the calling of its name. Immediately, it turned around as the Alakazam's abilities began to be at use. "Calm Mind!" the opponent Alakazam nodded, powering itself quickly. It was as if they had the same idea, Kiyu also commanded his Pokémon to use Calm Mind. The battlefield was ready to be stained and worn, and without hesitation, or a calling from either side, the first damaging move was used. The floating Psychic-type lunged at the Lucario, using a quick Psycho Cut. Quickly sliding to the left, Kiyu's Pokémon was able to avoid some of the psychic energy hurled at him. "Dark Pulse, now!" the Lucario got a running headstart and fired the ball of dark energy at his opponent. Getting hit, the Alakazam lost his balance, almost falling down due to the lack of psychic power being used for his levitation for just a moment. "Psyka! Don't give up just yet. We can take 'im out." the Alakazam needed no hint to know what move he'd have to use next. Using Psychic, the Alakazam's calm state and mind empowered the attack. Kizar fell to the ground, struggling to get up. "Kizar! Get back up!" The Lucario slowly but surely got back up, determination and willpower seeming to let him withstand his wounds. The Alakazam's confidence got the best of him, and he was hit by another powerful Dark Pulse. The Alakazam struggled to remain conscious, using the last of his strength to use one final move- Future Sight. Then, he fell on the floor, his psychic levitation being put to rest.

"Psyka. Return." the resting Pokémon's yellow color vanished as it became a solid blue, and then returned to the Great Ball as energy. "I'm not giving up yet." An Arcanine popped out of a Pokéball, and without any warning attacked Kizar with a Fire Fang. This was almost the last straw, Kizar had many fatal attacks thrown at him, yet he managed to keep his place in the battle. With quick reflexes, the Lucario quickly recovered from his pain and used Aura Sphere. The Arcanine was hit right in its jaw and a wall of fire formed quickly. Soon, the fire the Arcanine had created erupted, and went right towards Kizar. The Lucario was hit and fell down, this time, not getting up. Celebrating in victory and also cockiness, the Arcanine attacked the fainted Lucario one last time, before standing tall and proud. "...You did well. Come back." Light grabbed the Lucario and sent him back to the Pokéball. Holding a Premier Ball he had just unlatched from his belt, Kiyu threw the sphere in the air, and when the white button surrounded by a black border faced the green grass, it released the ground-type Marowak. The club that it held was thick, obviously an item found on the road. The Arcanine turned around, growling. Suddenly, an eye appeared before the Marowak, shining in honor and glory. Clutching her Thick Club, she stood there, ready to attack her foe. The eye stared into her soul, until she had fallen down. The Alakazam had gotten its revenge, as before it fainted, it had used the move Future Sight. Damaged, the Marowak used her bone she always carried to pick herself up easily. The Arcanine took this chance to attack her, due to her vulnerability. Running at her with full speed, the dog-like Pokémon used Reversal. Hit hard but still ready, the Marowak retaliated quickly, slamming the Arcanine onto the floor with her bone club, then using Earthquake, the Marowak watched as the fire-type suffered. After the temporary cracks in the ground disappeared, and all the damaged shrubs and other flora were healed, the Arcanine was hurt too badly to continue battling. So, it continued on.

A pink blob was sent out from the opposing side, it's two eyes and curved mouth all seeming as if it was a practical joke. The Marowak stood there, until the pink blob easily replicated her, copying all the moves she had previously learned. Befuddled, Sandstorm, the Marowak, stood there, unsure if to attack or remain calm. Then, the trainer of her current opponent yelled. "Aha. Ice Beam! GO!" the beam of sudden shock and cold relief hit her. In a way, it was refreshing under the blazing sun, but it was no time to rest. Getting back up, Sandstorm used Focus Blast. The quick movements kicked dust up into the atmosphere. The other "Marowak" was surrounded by dust, and then hit with a strong attack that sent it- rather, her, now being morphed into Sandstorm temporarily, right into her... or it's, trainer's arms. Putting down her Pokémon, who managed to bear through the attack, she commanded them to attack again. "We have to risk it. Use Blizzard!" the ground turned an icy blue color as actual ice seemed to cover everything, and a sudden purge of snow fired at Sandstorm. Using her Thick Club to flick the largest chunks of ice and snow back at her opponent, Sandstorm reflected the attack, wounding her opponent, who was copying her, in the process. The two trainers thought for a moment- both of their Pokémon could easily lose this battle. Without order or command, Sandstorm used Earthquake, defiant but ready to end the battle. Her Thick Club enhanced the power of the attack, which managed to make the Ditto, who was supposed to be a Marowak, lose its form. Confused, the Pokémon returned to its Pokéball, only to be sent out and faint immediately after. "Damn it. Well..."

Looking down, Shina clutched another one of her Pokéballs, releasing a dashing figure, a Sylveon, who quickly sent dust flying in the air as soon as she landed on the ground, the blue energy fading away quickly. The Sylveon had a wicked smile on its face, and a sadistic look creeping into its large, blue eyes. "Hyper Voice." the two words put the Eeveelution in action, as it used the normal-type move, odd, pink sprites began to churn in the air, and suddenly the normal-type move was the same type as its user. Sandstorm lost the grip on her bone and fell down, no longer having the will or power to battle. Returning to her home, the Marowak seemed to smile as it returned to her Premier Ball.

"Come on out." a yellow Eeveelution emerged from blue particles and announced their presence with a yelp. There stood a Jolteon, ready to face any challenge. Being able to attack quickly, it used Thunderbolt, knocking the Sylveon back for a moment. Getting back up with the same insane look, the Sylveon waited for a command. "Again. Hyper Voice." The Sylveon approached the Jolteon, wrapping its feelers around him before backing off, but, this time, Kiyu was ready. "Thunder Wave! Don't let her sing... or even let her musical notes get to you!" the Jolteon did as told and paralyzed the fairy-type. Slowly swinging her feelers around, the paralyzed Pokémon struggled to move. "Ugh! Come on, please try to use Moonblast!" a glimpse of the moon began to shine above, yet it was useless, the Jolteon now had the upper hand. Swiftly using Shadow Ball, the male Eeveelution readied a ghostly aura which hit the Sylveon, knocking her back. Struggling to get up, the Sylveon did her best to make a comeback. Fueled with sadistic thoughts, rage, and determination, she used Hyper Voice, as commanded by her trainer, and this time, not expecting the Sylveon to be able to manage through paralysis, Kiyu gave to warning to the Jolteon he had sent out, who also had the same mindset as him. Hit with the attack, the Jolteon was angered, and satisfied when his trainer told him to attack. "One last Thunderbolt should do it!" However, the Sylveon managed to break through her paralysis and attack at the same time with a Moonblast. It seemed as if both of the Eeveelutions were ready to collapse, however, the Sylveon was able to use her hardiness and insanity to keep fighting, as the Jolteon fell down and returned to the Pokéball, scarred and covered in dirt.

"...We're going to finish this." Kiyu stared at Shina. He sent out his Snorlax, who seemed to be sleeping on the job- rather, in his Pokéball, and yawned before getting up to battle. Yet, it seemed to stare at Kiyu as if asking, why do I do this? Can I go back to bed? ignoring his Snorlax's laziness, he commanded his Pokémon to use Heavy Slam. Tired and bored, the Snorlax instead used Lick, which the no longer paralyzed Sylveon quickly avoided and retaliated once she heard her trainer. "Hyper Voice!" the Snorlax was able to use his tankiness to make it through the hit, but still was weak and about to faint. Without a command, he used Rest, happy to get some sleep. We're going to lose the battle because of you, Munc, Kiyu thought to himself bitterly. "Use Sleep Talk!" the Snorlax obliged, nodding his head drowsily. He was lucky enough to land the move Yawn, causing the Sylveon to grow as drowsy as he was. Before collapsing into a deep sleep, the Sylveon used Moonblast, which directly hit the sleeping giant. Then, as dust flew over her, she fell down and went into a deep sleep.

The battle was progressing slowly, as the Snorlax could barely land one of his attacking moves and sometimes would end up reusing Rest. Finally, he landed an attack, after boosting his attack with Belly Drum in his sleep, it was obvious the victor was going to be him. A powerful Double-Edge hit the sleeping Sylveon, putting her back into her Pokéball. However, low on health, the Snorlax fainted due to the recoil damage he had coming for him.

Both parties were left with one final Pokémon. Due to the typing they both had, it seemed as if Shina was going to win. These were the partners the two trainers began their quest with.


A Blastoise roared as it was sent onto the battlefield, his roar showing his confidence and pride. His blue skin and tan and brown shell were a perfect mix, tied together with artillery.


The flora in the area grew strong as a Venasaur leapt onto the battlefield, her red eyes cruel yet determined, aimed on victory and not losses.

Both of the sides clashed immediately, the Venasaur preparing her fatal and winning attack, Solar Beam, while the Blastoise took immediate action as soon as his trainer called out to him, firing shards of ice and snow, the classic Blizzard attack, which hit, wounding the Venasaur severely. A turn later, after another Blizzard attack being fired at the grass-type, this time, expected by Bubble's opponent, so it was easily going to be dodged almost immediately, which it was. Suddenly, the rays of the sun seemed to turn green as they struck the Blastoise. With rapid reflexes, odd for such a large Pokémon, the Blastoise turned and used Iron Defense and then Yawn- all in the span of 1 turn, due to such reflexes. The Venasaur played the same trick, firing a vine, most likely Vine Whip, and then planting a Leech Seed. The Venasaur used one last move in the next 'turn', Razor Leaf, before falling asleep due to Yawn. Smirking, Blastoise used Ice Beam, yet that seemed to wake up the sleeping Venasaur. Both of the Pokémon were fighting to their best abilities, hurt and tired, ready to give up, yet also wanting to finish the fight in victory. Venny leaped onto Bubble and was hit back with an Aqua Tail. The Aqua Tail barely left a scratch on the grass-type and gave an advantage to her, actually. Grabbing the Blastoise with long, thick, and hardy vines, she used Petal Blizzard as the vines seemed to bud and bloom, hitting the Blastoise. Both teams were going to lose in one hit now. The two starter Pokémon circled each other and got ready to use Tackle, yet neither of them attacked. "RAIN DANCE!" The peace was then disturbed by the sudden scream. Bubble nodded and used Rain Dance, his ability recovering some of his HP. With newfound strength in water, Venny stepped back and unleashed a Razor Leaf, which Blastoise dodged at the voice of Kiyu's alert. Finally, Bubble unleashed his final move, Hydro Pump, which knocked out the Venasaur.

Kiyu returned his final Pokémon. It was no time to rejoice in victory, though. Arceus was surely watching the battle- would the godly Pokémon accept Kiyu?

Silence between the two trainers lasted, the two rivals facing each other.

"D-Don't think I'm going to heal your team. That's your job, idiot."

Shina spoke again, this time, the angst in her voice gone, and replaced by some sort of admiration and kindness. "Ever since we began... you've always had a head start, huh? Ma knew you were special from the moment she saw ya. Our battle right now... you've bonded with your Pokémon much more than I ever could. Arceus will bow down to you- not me." she smiled before she spoke again. "I... you deserve this. All this time, you've had a Key Stone. Your Lucario... I.." in her hand, was a shiny round object. Lucarionite. "I don't need it. Don't think I'm being NICE or anything!" the smile vanished immediately and was replaced by some sort of shock, or maybe anger, which vanished in just a moment. "A-anyway. Don't think this is the last time we meet. I'll catch you later, Slowpoke!" with that, Shina ran off in a blinding speed. The temple up ahead was free for Kiyu to explore.

After letting his Pokémon rest and recover, Kiyu gave his Lucario his new prized object, and then stepped into the temple. It was all too perfect, this temple seemed to have much more kinetic energy than the Hall of Origin, which was odd. Grabbing the Azure Flute from his bag, Kiyu began to play a bittersweet tune. The silhouette before him began to form... The Almighty Arceus. The Pokémon seemed to admire him, and still, proudly stood before the trainer. "Kiyu. You have done well." it was odd, hearing a Pokémon, but at the same time, it was expected. "You will achieve greatness beyond my comprehension." and with that, the god himself, of all Pokémon, vanished, leaving just a Mega Stone.


Kiyu knocked on Shina's door, a small box in his hands, wrapped with bright flashy colors, yellow, pink, blue... you name it. Opening the door, Shina rolled her eyes. "You want another battle?" she asked sarcastically. Shaking his head, Kiyu handed Shina the box. "Um, thanks."

Returning home, Kiyu found a Pokémon Egg on his green couch. "What's this..?" he curiously looked over at the egg. It was oddly colored, green with pink flower markings. Whatever. The egg was going to be taken care of, even if it was oddly colored.

Little did Kiyu know this was an egg sent from Arceus himself- containing a very powerful Mythical Pokémon.

Shina looked into the water. The ripples, tides, and waves, seemed to comfort her. Emotions dwelling inside were ready to erupt at any moment. He gave me the Alakazite. I gave him Lucarionite. I lost to him. Sighing and then taking a breath, Shina laid down. As the sounds of the ocean continued, sudden distress occurred- a Lapras was swimming onto shore, bleeding.

The pink Lapras cried out to Shina for help, after being abused by thugs who had formed a criminal team just to abuse and collect special Pokémon, and even sell them. Team Toxic. Luckily, the Lapras had swam far enough just to escape.

Shina touched the Lapras and pulled out a Hyper Potion. "Here ya go." the Lapras nodded as its wounds were slightly healed, yet still bleeding. "I'll patch that up for you in a sec," pulling out some cloth, Shina wiped the blood off. "We should go to a Pokémon Center. Wanna follow?" holding out a Pokéball, Shina smiled, and the Lapras was surprised, yet, happy. It touched its head to the Pokéball to be captured.

(I just made up some characters quickly, these are just one-shots and I'm not gonna ever use 'em, the series that I'm going to make is going to be less.. Mary Sue-ish, and just better in general. Anyway, BYEEEEEE)

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