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Leafsong Re-Draw

by NightRaven

NightRaven I have a feeling that only those who were here when I first joined will know this character XD

This character is Leafsong, a Warriors OC I created a long time ago, a medicine cat of ThunderClan. She is a brown-and-white tabby with one green eye and one blue eye (she has heterochromia which is the condition of having two different color eyes).
You may notice how Leafsong is rather close to Leafpool who is also a medicine cat of ThunderClan in the original series. The only difference is that Leafsong has a green eye, rather than both being amber like Leafpool.

She was born outside the Clans to a rogue for a mother and Clan-cat for a father; Willow and Crowstorm. Crowstorm was a WindClan tom with black fur and amber eyes while Willow had silver fur and blue eyes. Crowstorm had urged his kit to join WindClan, but she refused, stating that she had "only ThunderClan blood" in her. Crowstorm, almost had his claws rip her fur, but Willow stopped him...
By taking the blow instead.
Crowstorm, blinded by rage, used a killing blow on Willow, easily killing her and leaving her outside of the forest. Leaf, his kit, backed away fearfully before returning to the forest. Crowstorm had dragged her mother's body into the forest and left it there. "Like the forest now?" He had sneered. Leaf, soon to be Leafkit, couldn't believe how her father would become so angry like that; she only joined another Clan!
What in StarClan's name was wrong with him?

Major Clan rivalry between the two. ThunderClan was enraged how WindClan had been caught stealing prey in Leafbare. They soon grew into war, killing off many cats of both Clans. Leafkit's adoptive mother was a Queen named Nightwing, a black she-cat with yellow eyes and three kits; Flamekit, a ginger tabby tom with blue eyes, Goldenkit, a golden tabby she-cat with yellow eyes, and Jaykit, a gray tabby tom with green eyes. Nightwing took Leafkit in happily, until she died by an invasion—
WindClan and RiverClan had invaded the camp at the same time, wave after wave, and killing every cat they could find.
They killed the medicine cat, Mosstail and his apprentice, Barkfang, the deputy, Cloudrunner, a few warriors, Tigerstep, Lilythorn, Bluerunner, Swiftbreeze, and Amberfire, as well as three apprentices; Rainpaw, Lionpaw, and Cloudpaw, and a queen; Nightwing and her kits, except for Leafkit.
Leafkit was made an apprentice soon after, a warrior apprentice and her mentor became a medicine cat as he knew the most about herbs now. This upset Leafpaw, but she had a feeling that she couldn't fight, not after what she had seen; too much blood being shed. When Leafpaw became Leafsong, her mentor died of Greencough and she was taken into a support patrol in a battle in case she needed to heal some wounds. She watched her father, Crowstorm, rush into battle and kill a few warriors, but soon, the new deputy, Russetfeather, killed him.
Leafsong lived a long life, but soon felt as though she needed to see her mother in StarClan. She had glanced at the deathberries in the back of the store of herbs and snagged a few before rushing out of camp before dawn. She ate the deathberries, but also slit her throat at the same time to make it look like something had killed her. She explained it in StarClan that "it felt like her throat was closing in and that her belly was melting, along with her lungs collapsing".
Some say that she died by a cat, but others reported missing deathberries in the store...