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Leads To The Same.: Leads To The Same. (Chapter 1)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce Because why not write about a girl named Jade, who devotes her life to training her Pokemon. What happens when she finally gets her chance to become the Pokemon Champion, only to find that she must leave behind her old best friends, who still accept her as they're best friend. I know i'm a lousy storyteller, but i tried, i tried.
  1. Chapter 1: The Day After. (Or Dan Bertha's Birthday)
"Mother, please! I know it's Dan's Birthday, he'll be devastated if i don't come!" Jade pleaded. Janine turned her head to the sink. "Not until you admit you'll be here by four o clock, Jade." She answered. Jade faltered. "Mother! You know at 4 o clock that me and Grace go on a trip to the forest!" she said. Janine shrugged. "5 o clock. Also, Grace is on grounded for sneaking out to the gym. Maybe you can go with Cassidy." Violet grinned. "Mother, you are simply the best." she beamed. Janine smiled and nodded at the door. "Be back by 5." she said.

Jade rubbed Sandra's small mane as they walked on the pavement to Dan's house. Dan Bertha was a four year old who lived a few blocks away from Jade's and Janine's home. Ever since he'd turned three, the Bertha Family had been having too much work and needed a babysitter. Jade had gladly took the job. So for a year now, Dan's idol had been Jade. Once Dan had asked how long it would be when he got ten. Jade had answered '6 years..I'll be 16 by then!' Dan had gasped. "What - ! That means you won't be liking be a Poke Trainee!" he went quiet, considering what he had just said. Jade laughed and hugged him. "I'll never stop, never." That was last year, when she was 10, and when she had just a Fennekin. Now that Fennekin called Sandra was now a Braixen.

"JADE!" yelled the small voice. Before Jade came in, she examined the comfy looking house of the Bertha Family. It was no mansion, but it was a few bigger than her own house. "Stop gawking at the house, darling Jade!" came a sparkling voice. Jade swiveled to the door, where a woman in great shape wearing a business outfit and a dazzling silver ring smiled at her. She had normal skin, and was quite beautiful. Beside her was his husband, who wore a tuxedo and had tanned skin. He wore sunglasses and wore his own silver ring. They were both such beautiful and spotless people. And they're child was heavenly. Dan came out of the clearing in the garden, wearing his small tux. I grinned. "Happy...Birthday!" I yelled. Dan cheered with his eyes twinkling. "I'm so huppy you're here!" he said, his voice muffled by the crackers he was eating.

Jade went down to hug the little tike. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" she said. Mrs. Bertha smiled. "Why don't both of you come over inside?" she happily nodded, and Dan clutched her hand and nodded as well. Mr. Bertha led the way to they're living room, and Mrs. Bertha..she must've sensed Jade's tiredness, because she asked both Dan and Jade to take a nap. So Jade happily fell asleep on the huge couch, Dan right on the other side.

Thanks for Reading! Sorry if it was short, i had an investiture at my school. Thanks, -Via.
NOTE: The schedule is Sun - Wed - Fri. I may not be able to post on time, i try though.
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