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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Lava Town Battle (Fire Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and company discover that Flannery is the gym leader and Brendan is her boyfriend. Knowing these our heroes will train hard for the gym.
We wake up and headed on to Lava Town Gym. I decided to challenge her first. "Welcome to Lava Town's Gym, as you may know, I'm Flannery, the gym leader, I'll take everyone's challenge" she said. "I'll go first" I said. "Ok, GO Ninetales, Use Ember" She said. "Go Cacturne use Feint Attack" I said. Cacturne's attack was avoided, and Ninetales attack hit Cacturne hard enough to make him faint. "Return, Go Monferno, use Thunder Punch" "Ninetales use Psyshock". Monferno's attack did decent damage but Ninetales managed to once again beat Monferno. "Return, Go Medicham use Confusion" "Ninetales use Flamethrower". Medicham managed to beat Ninetales. "Return, Go Magcargo use Flamethrower. Magcargo managed to beat Medicham. "I lost" I said. "Better train better" Flannery said. I left the gym, thinking of a new strategy. I went to a route and began training when out of nowhere, a wild Carvanha appeared. "Go Medicham use Mach Punch" Medicham managed to lower it's hp and I managed to capture it. "Yes, now off to the gym" I said. I went back, and there she was. She managed to lose to Gabriel, Mark, Sasha, and Melanie, now my turn to beat her. "Go Carvanha use Water Pulse, Go Ninetales use Ember". Carvanha managed to beat Ninetales with ease. "Return, Go Magcargo use Ember, Carvanha". Carvanha managed to beat Magcargo again. "Return, Go Torkoal use Rock Smash". Torkaol almost took out Carvanha but Carvanha evolve into Sharpedo and finished the battle. "I won" I said. "Yeah, guess you learn your lesson" Flannery said giving me the badge. "Thanks, bye" I said leaving off to the next town...