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Volt's Musical Workshop: Late Valentines

by AceyPie

AceyPie :p Coltian

I also to say in the introduction that I do not have a micro phone so you will make the tune for the songs I make!
5 hours later Peach finally got up...

"Thanks for getting me that Para Heal" Peach thanked you and started to walk around curiously touching everything the she comes by after a while of she came across a box with "Valentine's Song" Written on it overpowered by Curiosity she opened it and read the paper:

Valentine's Song

Lock and loaded I'm ready to go
But I always to give in to my flustered heart...

Got this feeling shut in my bones
Engraved onto my very soul...

Why can't I seem to say three words to your face
Why does this feel like a race
Against Time Maybe Bacause you'll find Someone Else
I waited for you (2x)
I had so many chances I could never pull through
I pause and look back and then I lose track
I spent so much time that I I'm never getting back
Our feelings are shut In the corners of our minds
(Verse 2)
No one will feel the way I did
No one will be so in love the way I did
But I still hide them in a Vault in my mind
I can't see our futures collide...
(repeat Chorus)

" ..... I ship it"

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