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Poke trivia: Lapras facts and trivia

by DestinyBonder331

DestinyBonder331 Comment what Pokémon you want to see next.
Lapras is a super cool Pokémon back on Generation 1, but it get left out over the years,Stat wise he has total base stat of 535, mostly on HP making him very bulky. His ability Water absorb, makes him fit on most doubles strategies on the meta. When doing a Nuzlocke challenge Lapras is the go to Pokemon because of it's extremely high HP of 130 and SA and A of 85, you can also run him with Sheer Cold at level 50, Ice beam at level 32, HM surf, and rain dance for boost, or run him physical attacker with HM waterfall, Dragon Dance as egg move, Fissure as the OHKO move as egg move, and last Body Slam for Par hacks. He is also a capable HM slave in a normal game. In the meta-game Lapras tier is PU which is pretty low.

Name: Lapras
Pokedex No: 131
Type: Water/Ice
Species: Transport Pokémon
Height: 8'22''
Weight: 485 lbs.
Ability: Water Absorb, Shell Armor
Hidden Ability: Hydration
Japanese: Rapurasu

Base Stats
Attack 85
Defense 80
Sp. Attack 85
Sp. Defense 95
Speed 60
Total: 535

Found in

Red and Blue: Silph Co.
Yellow: Silph Co.
Gold and Silver: Union Cave
Crystal:Union Cave
Ruby and Sapphire: Trade
Emerald: Trade
Diamond and Pearl: Victory Road
Platinum: Victory Road
Heartgold and Soulsilver: Safari Zone and Union Cave
Black and White: Village Bridge
Black 2 and White 2: Village Bridge
XY: Route 12 and Azure bay
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Trade