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Pokemon OC Time!: Lana and Lynn

by LokaMocha

LokaMocha Another OC Time! This installment is of the twins, Lana and Lynn!
Name ( s ) : Lana and Lynn
Gender : Both Female
Species : Plusle and Minun
Nature ( s ) : Quirky
Ability ( s ) : Plus and Minus
Moves ( Lana ) :
Helping Hand
Quick Attack
Moves ( Lynn ) :
Helping Hand
Baton Pass
Trump Card

About the OC ( s ) : You never see Lana without Lynn, and you never see Lynn without Lana. These two are inseparable! If one of them gets seperated from the other, they will stop at nothing to find the other. They are very friendly towards other Pokemon and love playing pranks and tricks on them just for the fun of it.
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