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Lealista Clan: Lagoon's Den

by Rainbowditto

You begin to walk into a damp dirt tunnel. This den, you can tell already, is going to be much different than the others you have already been to. The smell is leafy, which is odd for a Plague lair, but you choose not to question it. As the tunnel widens out, the smell of leaves and dirt begins to mingle with the lingering scent of sweet smelling perfumes. Small glass shards begins to glimmer in the darkness, and a lantern ahead lights up the tunnel. But really, it's not a tunnel anymore. It's more like a fancy cave. And by that, you mean really fancy. Gemstones glitter on the ground along with feathers and bright flowers. The walls had changed to smooth wood, and although the flooring was still dirt, it felt like a home. Just then, the dragon whom had invited you popped her head out from around a thin wooden screen which was decorated with ivy. Her earrings were little chunks of opal and she had about a dozen necklaces on her fluffy, blue neck. Her feet had a ring on each toe, and a light blue crown topped her head. "Oh!" she says, a surprised look on her face, "I wasn't expecting any visitors!" You sigh, but smile. It wasn't your fault that tundra memories were terrible. You wave in a greeting and she soon trots over to you. The dragon sniffs you up and down, her damp nose tickling your neck. "Ah," She says, "A friend! I guess I did invite someone over!!" She hops over to behind the wood screen again and comes back out with a large moss-covered rock. "Here!" She motions for you to sit, "Take a seat! It's ok, I can stand!" You sit down, the moss is soft, and you wonder how this dragon was able to grow such lush greenery in the Plague Flight. Your wondering is abruptly stopped, however, as the dragon begins to engage a long conversation. You were going to be here a while...