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Dragon Ball X: ~ Lab. ~ Chapter 6.

by SoMeOnE yOu KnOw

SoMeOnE yOu KnOw This was honestly the shortest piece of Crap I've made
The next day, I found myself in a chair, with a blinding light at my face. I heard some giggling, “Who’s there?!” I said, as the giggling became a full out laugh, “Looks like the Hunk of metal CAN wake up!” The voice said, it sounded...Female, WHich quickly scared me, as Females scare me, no matter how much they’re nice. I started shivering at what could happen. “I’ll just take This!” She said, Grabbing a Scalpel, and Pointing it at me. But, before she could finish, I seen a Green laser go straight through the side of her head, as she fell straight down. “Oi, having fun without me?” a Voice said, as I looked over. Their behold, Tomako. I started using force to get out, but nothing worked. He walked in front of the chair, and pointed to my Head. “Bye Bye, Scrap Metal!” He said, as the Green light blinded me, then, I found myself in the Hotel room. Screaming, and Jack Smacking me to Stop.