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Dragon Ball X: ~ Lab...Again? ~

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive Wow, A new character.
Chapter 8

“Wake Up!” A voice yelled, smacking me across the face. I flinched, as it stung a bit, but when I attempted to smack the voice, I found myself on A bed, chained to it. “Aha! You’re awake! Finally!” The voice said, It sounded...Female, Like the one in my dream, “Who the hell are you?” I say, trying to squeeze my way out of the chains, “Ohohoho, Just a friendly neighborhood Scientist, Murderer, any of the above.” She says, as she walks into view. I remember, one of the survivor’s from the Incident. The one who tried stopping me. I notice a knife in her hand. It was either a safety precaution or she actually wants to stab me. “Wait, where's Jack?” I say, as I look the woman dead in the eyes. “Oh, that Thing? He’s locked in a room alone. We’re conducting experiments on his race.” She says, as a whistle comes from the darkness. “Well, there's my cue.” She says, stabbing the knife near my head, and walking away. To pass the time, I started whistling.

After a few hours of whistling, the murderous scientist came back with a blood sample. “Now this, this is a blood sample where we can make more of this, ‘Jack’. You on the other hand,” she starts laughing, “we can just create more of you in a lab.”

She grabs the knife from where she stabbed it, and cut a little hole in the plastic tube, as blood started rushing out of it. Not red blood, purple blood. “What the hell…” I said, as the woman started shaking the Tube with the blood in it. “Ah, sturdy enough, now to place it in the Copier.” She says, putting small amounts of the blood on a printing machine. Dont ask me why they use printers, but they do. After the printer started beeping, the murderous scientist--Actually, i’ll just call it M.S.--followed a wire to a machine, where as she opened it, a Splitting image of Jack was in it. “CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. SWAG.” The Jack-copy said, as M.S. started laughing. “Oh, dont like the copy? How about a copy of You? Or..a Failed copy.” M.S said, opening another container. Which had a Almost-splitting image of me, except shorter, and longer hair. I mean, WAY longer hair. “Ahaha! The great Scientist Magiko has finally made two living life forms at once!” She said. I started laughing a bit, but the death stare she gave me made me turn back to my normal face. “Now, how about we test this new android on you, Scrap metal.” Trixie said, as the Smaller version of me Slammed its fist into Magiko’s back, causing her to fall over. As she shot a blast at the jack clone. Witnessing that had me at a Squiggly eye Face. “Hey, you’re the original me, correct?” The smaller me said. “Uh, I guess so?” I say, as the smaller me cuts the chains off me. “Lets go get that thing.” She says, “Oh, and the name’s Nimiko.”

“Nice, names--”

“I already know your name, its Nitro.”

“Alright then, you lead, scary woman.”

After we walked a few minutes, we went to the door where Jack was being held up. As smaller me punched open the door, I was struck with the squiggly eyes again. “There, C’mon Jack.” Nimiko said, as Jack quickly got back up, and started walking to us. “Who’s the look alike, Night?” Jack said, confused. “Oh, her? She’s Nimiko. Apparently a failed copy of me.” I said. As Jack started laughing. “PFFF….They actually thought you were a woma--” Nimiko bonked Jack on the top of the head. “I Will.” She said, as Jack hid behind me. “Good! Let’s get going!” Nimiko said happily, walking. As Jack and I walked behind her, keeping our distance.

“So, does anyone know where we even need to go?” Jack said, as he was still walking behind me as I was walking behind Nimiko, Both of us keeping our distance. “I believe we keep walking forward, take the next right, and a straight left to burger king.” I said, jokingly. As Nimiko looked to her side, her eyes on us, “first left, then a right, then forward.” She said, then looked forward. “How do you know we can trust her?” Jack said, whispering to me. “Hey, if you can trust me, you can trust the scarier failed version of me.” I said, making sure Nimiko couldn’t hear me. We got to the first turn, as Nimiko made a quick right. Jack and I had to try not to fall because of the quick turn. “So...when should we get o--” We walked on a teleportation pad, as we teleported outside. Screaming. As Jack and Nimiko landed on a flower bed, I ended up landing on the Hard ground. I groaned while getting up, as Jack and Nimiko walked out of the flower patch. Jack’s tail smacking the grass along the way. “I Feel so Alive!” Jack said, as he started flying around. I was just as confused as a rock that seen a factory. “Uh, you okay, Jack?” Nimiko and I said, Chasing after Jack.