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Kyjin Synal

by PaintBox

PaintBox Name: Kyjin Synal
Age: 17
Ability: Turns into a crocodile when enraged
Height: 5'7 as human, 6'5 as croc
Kyjin was always feared for his ability. He killed his brother on accident as he turned into a crocodile while in an argument. As a crocodile, he can't control himself. Since the incident, he's shut himself off from the world. He recently stepped out of his shell and began to explore the world. His powers grew stronger as he was isolated. Now his bite can send a wave of shadows, only adding to the destruction. His powers have caused more harm than good. However, after joining the Armed Detective Agency, he's been able to harness his powers. Currently, he's living a good life. With his powers under control, he now is able to do good in the world. His family still doesn't speak with him.