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Kyasarin-san boken chu ni hoen chiho Chapter 4: Flare and the Mystery

by TheChaoticNerd

TheChaoticNerd After the amazing meeting with Kyuia and Oliver's evolution, will there be more?
After the battle with Kyuia, the teens head off to route 2. "Boy, we don't have many pokemon, let's catch some." said Katherine. So the teens went into the dark grass for a lot of pokemon. Katherine encountered a Nidoran (M) and Teddiursa, Giahna encountered an Azurill and Zigzagoon, Kyuia encountered a Ralts and Togepi, and Flare encountered only one pokemon, but that was a shiny, Pokerus infected, Skitty.

"WOW!!!! A SHINY SKITTY!!!!" yelled Flare, excited. She then sent out Rollar and battled it until it was at low HP. "Rollar, use Counter!" commanded Flare. Rollar backfired a serious hit with her gaping fist. "Go pokeball!!!" said Flare. She had caught the Skitty! Shortly after, the other teens had caught the Teddiursa, Zigzagoon, and Ralts, all male, which were nicknamed Toby, Mimo, and Fred. "Silcoon?" said Lily. "Kip?" said Conra. Then Both girls evolve into Beautifly and Marshtomp! Katherine and Giahna then go to hug Conra and Lily. But as soon as Katherine approaches Conra, she rushes over to Toby.

"Marshtomp!! (YOU'RE SO HANDSOME!!)" said Conra, in love. Katherine sends the two back in their pokeballs and the teens rush to Petalburg city. "IT'S YOU GUYS!!!!" said a mysterious person. The passerby then ask if they know what the chosen ones' powers were. "WHAT?! WE HAVE POWERS?!" said Katherine, excited. " It's said that Rayquaza chooses four faithful individuals every trillion years... the effects are that all the pokemon that they will own will get strength and evolve four times faster than a normal pokemon, so that they will succeed in their goals, and have an unlimited memory.". After the teens hear this, they burst into joy.


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  1. TheChaoticNerd
    Sep 27, 2014
  2. lilonegia
    Sep 27, 2014
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  3. TheChaoticNerd
    and toby the teddiursa is based off of my childhood teddy (I got when I was 1 and 1/2), Tobey:blush:
    Sep 13, 2014
  4. FlareFox
    Sep 13, 2014
  5. TheChaoticNerd
    the Shiny Skitty is to celebrate @FlareFox 's Birthday:blush:.
    Sep 13, 2014