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Kyasarin-san boken chu ni hoen chiho Chapter 3: An early evolution

by TheChaoticNerd

TheChaoticNerd After bonding with their Pokémon and catching a new friend, what will happen next????
While walking to Oldale town, the group of teens ask each other a few things. "What pokemon do you have?" asked Katherine. Flare sent out her female Riolu. "This is Rollar, my Riolu." said Flare. "I got it from Professor Birch." said Flare. "(I knew it!!)" thought Giahna. "And also, are you one of the chosen ones?" asked Giahna. When Flare said yes, the two other teens jumped with joy. "Wooh-hooo!!!! We are the chosen ones!!!" yelled Katherine in joy. After this, they arrived at Oldale town, but right when the teenagers come in, they see a girl approaching them.

"Hello, I'm Kyuia." said Kyuia, a 15 year old, calm, emotional female who wants to protect the world. "What pokemon do you have?!" asked Giahna. Kyuia sent out her female Plusle, Kari. "By the way, wanna battle?" Kyuia asked Giahna. "Sure." said Gianha. Then, the two started the battle.

"Go, Oliver!" said Giahna. "Go, Kari!" said Kyuia. Kyuia got the first turn and went for Thunder shock, the Thunder shock hit Oliver very hard. "Oliver, use Water gun!" commanded Giahna. Oliver shot a sharp jet of water, but missed. After a while in the fight, the same thing happens, Water guns missing and Thunder shocks striking. Until, Oliver evolved! "Dewwottt!!!" said the newly evolved Oliver. Oliver then used razor shell and Kari used Thunder shock, which the battle ends in a tie.

"WHAT H-HAPPEND???!!!!" said Giahna in happiness.

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  1. TheChaoticNerd
    Sep 1, 2014
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