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Kup and Okami's adventure Chapter 1

by Okami_bug_2004

Okami_bug_2004 Here is a series about a couple going on an adventure together (don't judge with these names) pg13
My helicopter mom had finally let me out on an adventure, I'm 16 years old. As soon as my shoes were on I was off to Professor Oak's lab, "Well you're early Okami, what's the rush?", the Professor asked. My boyfriend came in like a rabbit, "Wow you're fast Okami", he said. Okay now Okami, pick your starter. I love the water type pokemon as well as others and so, I picked Squirtle. "I should have expected it" Kup said, "suuuuure", I replied. "Well let's get going!", I yelled making the staff of the lab stare.
So here we were Kup an I walking down a trail and then BOOM my hair began to stand on end, I was shocked my a Pikachu! It had startled Kup so badly that he fell to the ground! "Okami what was that?!", he yelled, "I think I got shocked by a Pikachu!", I yelled back. As soon as he heard that, he threw a pokeball and Charmander came out! I was happy seeing this that he wouldn't start training until I had did.
After a few minutes of battling he finally caught the pokemon. "well that wa-" "KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!" His brother was running to us with a look of death on his face. His brother is 15 and has wanted to be my boyfriend, he's tried so many times but failed!<.> "Pan! What are you doing here?", Kup asked in annoyance, "I have come to take Okami!", (by this point I'm all like 'Um, Le What?') "Pan you stupid little boy why?", Kup asked face palming. Now I had my hand on Squirtle's pokeball. "Pan just...stay away from us", I said. Then we walked off.
After walking for an hour something rustled in the bushes, "Odd", I thought, there wasn't even a breeze out today. Then a Pidgey came out of the bushes, I sent out Squirtle in a blink of an eye! "Squirtle! Use Bubble!", I shouted. The Pidgey had fainted, I caught it! Then we headed to the next city holding hands.