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Kumo Human #2

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin First Kumo Human Drawing: https://pokecharms.com/works/test-of-my-drawing-skills-kumo-human-1.12827/
Redraw Of:
OC Belongs To: Special Kumo (Me)
Character Design By: Special Kumo (Me)
This Character Is From This Game/Movie/Show/Book/Musical: (Umbreon) Pokemon the Games and Anime

Everything in this picture belongs to me except for the Umbreon.

I'm gonna make this little cinnamon roll a tsundere! But those are kind of overrated so I'm not sure.
  1. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    @WolfyPop Heh. You punch your crush across the room.
    Jul 21, 2017
    WolfyPop likes this.
  2. WolfyPop
    I'm a tsundere in real life xD
    Jul 21, 2017
    Special Kumo likes this.