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kr 01: 4, 5, 7, 8

by Popplio

arutochu 4.png arutochu 5.png arutochu 7.png arutochu 8.png arutochu friends.png
Popplio a for-fun take on kamen rider zero one with pokémon c:
you can sorta tell that some of them have a higher quality than the others (and that i didn't do episode 6...) but i got discouraged after 5!! I'll try my best to do it justice...
featuring a... rather light retelling of following episodes:
4. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth
5. His Passionate Manga Path
7. I Am a Hot-Blooded Humagear Teacher!
8. The Destruction Begins Now

i also included a cheat-sheet of the most important characters right now :p