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Komala's Evolution

by Drider

Drider Out of all the Alola Pokémon currently introduced, the four Pokémon whose evolutions I want to know about badly are the starters and Komala, who's managed to edge his way into my top fifty Pokémon.
Earlier today, I was contemplating how many evolutions he'd have, and I reckoned he'll evolve just once. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had come up with the above concept. I know it's pretty rough as an actual sprite, but I just wanted to get my idea down now in case Game Freak's actual Komala-lution bears* a striking resemblance to mine.
So there you have it. Not sure what to name it though, see if you can come up with something good in the comment section ^_^

*This is not a pun. Koalas aren't bears. Or even distantly related. Sincerely, an aussie.
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