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Kokoro Heart: Kokoro Heart ♥

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions In this part, Kokoro reveals her starter Pokémon that she chose, and much more to come, only on Kokoro Heart! ♥
The Poké Ball that I chose, had Fennekin inside. I knew it, since Grass-types are first, Fire-types are second, and Water-types are third for the starter Pokémon. Fennekin was the second Poké Ball in the middle of the box. I knew it was a female and naïve from my brain and heart. I sent out Fennekin and decided to nickname her.
"Maybe Firefox? No, how about Foxfire?"

"Party Fox!"
"Fokko Fox!"
"I've got it! Amber! I'm going to call you, Amber! Or just Ember! Both are cute names!"
"Fen! Fennekin!"
"Then I'll call you both Amber and Ember! But Amber for just between you and me and everybody else would call you Ember!"
"Alright then, I'll choose Chespin! I'll call you Chestnut! And Chestnut is a girl, yay!"
"Hi Froakie, I'm Calem. Ready to meet your new trainer? I'll call you Ninja Frog. You're a boy! Good thing I didn't get a girl Froakie."
"Che! Pin!"
"Froakie! Fro!"
"Wait! Before we go, I challenge you to a battle!"
"Ok! Challenge accepted!"
"Go, cute lil' Chespin Chestnut!"

"Go, Amber!"
"Amber, use Ember!"

"Fen! Fennekin!"
"Hey! I wasn't done looking at my cute lil' Chespin yet!"
"I won! I won my first Pokémon battle!"
"Well, the winner is Kokoro! That critical hit was something to remember. I guess Chestnut is a bit slow, so I should train a bit more. Also, I should've chose Froakie."

"Anyways, let's go to Route 2, also known as Avance Trail."
So we went to Route 2, and then Calem taught me how to catch a Pokémon. Which was pretty much a piece of cake, since I already knew how to catch a Pokémon. Also, before we left, I gave the professor's note to Mom, she gave me all the stuff I needed for my journey, and said goodbye. Rhyhorn didn't want me to leave, so I gave him a kiss goodbye. I received a Pokédex from Trevor and the professor note's from Tierno before I left home, again. I left with my friends to Route 2 after that.

"First, when you encounter a wild Pokémon, send out one of your Pokémon, and battle it until it's weak. Healthy Pokémon are harder to catch since they escape the Poké Ball easily. Now, throw your Poké Ball, and catch it! You get all the data from catching the Pokémon using the Pokédex!"
"I'll try!"
I walked in the grass, hoping for a female Fletchling, with a jolly nature. Suddenly, I was jumped by a bird Pokémon! It has to be a Fletchling! Not a Pidgey! I thought. It was a female Fletchling with a jolly nature! I squealed with joy.
"Go, Amber! Use Ember, but go easy on the Fletchling!"
"Fennekin! Fennekin! Fenne-kin!"

"Fletchling! Fletch!"
"Go Poké Ball!"
The Poké Ball was rocking back and forwards, left to right, and rocking, mostly. Then stars flickered and then I knew it. I caught a Fletchling! I sent out Fletchling, then I said,
"Fletchling, I'm going to call you Robyn!"

"Well, the Fletchling I caught will be called Fletcher! Isn't that a cool name? But I'm not going to use him. Maybe I can trade it for something good..."
"Trade it for a legendary, like Entei!"
"Wait, that's a bit over powered..."
"You're right. We should get going now."
"Wait! I want a cute, lil' Fletchling too! Wait for me!"
Shauna walked up to the grass, and a Fletchling jumped out. She didn't care about hurting the Fletchling, so she just threw a Poké Ball and hoped for the best. The Poké Ball was just rocking back and forwards, and finally, turned black and stars flickered. Shauna gasped in excitement, looking at the newly caught Fletchling in her Poké Ball. She sent out the Fletchling and said,
"Fletchling, I'll call you Strawberry!"
Strawberry flew in circles, majestically finishing with 2 shakes of her tail and landed on Shauna's head. Shauna squealed in excitement. After that, we went to have a battle with a trainer. We all took turns, but I had the best tricks up my sleeve. Amber and Robyn really make a good team! Amber was good at firing at the Zigzagoon with Ember, and Robyn was good at the Tackle and Growl combo, which led to good outcomes. Maybe I should be a Pokémon Performer, I thought, during the battle.

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