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KO Kid vs Little Mac

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
KO Kid vs Little Mac
In a boxing ring, a HUGE match was going on between the world’s strongest fighters. Representing mobile gaming, KO Kid. And for the home console, Little Mac. Both boxers came up to each other and gave the other a handshake, smiling in respect. Both then walked back, and after the longest 3, 2, 1 of their lives, the match began. Little Mac began a combo of punches, KO Kid grunting every time, until the blonde boxer blocked and nailed Little Mac in the chin. KO Kid then grabbed Little Mac’s glove and flipped the dizzy boxer over. Little Mac instantly got up and punched KO Kid in the guts. His rival grunted, then collided fists with Mac, resulting in both of them being pushed back. Little Mac then did an upper-cut, a Straight Lunge, then smashed both of his fists into KO Kid’s chest. KO Kid growled and began punching Little Mac in the face, then finished it off with a slam on the head. KO Kid charged up his fist, resulting in it lighting on fire, then punched Little Mac so hard he was sent into the ropes. Little Mac bounced back though and Star Punched KO Kid hard too. Both boxers breathed deeply, then backed up. Little Mac concentrated, then burst into Giga Mac. KO Kid did the same and went into Roid Rage, becoming big, red and bulky. Giga Mac and Roid Rage both charged up their signature attacks, then punched each other in the face. Teeth and blood went soaring, both extremely hurt. They began punching each other lightning fast, until KO Kid ducked one punch and did an uppercut so hard, Giga Mac went up in the air. GIGA MAC. The goliath landed, however, and smashed his fist in Roid Rage stomach, which resulted in the latter smashing another punch in Giga Mac’s chest. The two stepped back, exhausted, but stood strong and charged up their attacks to the fullest. The Star Punch went into Roid Rage’s face, who instantly went back to KO Kid from the pain, and the Super Punch punched Giga Mac back to Little Mac. Both huffed and puffed, then one boxer punched the other with all their fighting spirit. The boxer fell down, official knocked out. The winner stood up, victorious, but fell down to his knees, exhausted. The champion looked however and heard the announcer say his favourite 4 words. The winner is: LITTLE MAC!” The voice spoke, and Little Mac jumped up with his remaining his spirit, his fist pumping up.
This fight’s winner is: