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Kip: "Inside Bleak's Mind."

by BrickWall9000+

BrickWall9000+ I am working on a novel called Kip. It is about an orphan who becomes a criminal and tries to get to the bottom of strange goings on. This is probably one of my best works in the book where Kip, the hero, is arguing with Abner Bleak, the antagonist and villain. Bleak has taken the two of them into his mind, where he argues with Kip about why he plans to destroy all men, women, and children on earth.
Everything suddenly turned into a vast white that went eternally in all directions. A heard a loud shout from behind me and screamed in fright. I turned to see Bleak laughing his head off. “Oh, that never gets old,” said he playfully.

“Where are we?” I asked Bleak after looking around for a second. “I have brought us both out of consciousness and into my mind,” he answered promptly. “We’re in your mind, Bleak? Sheez, no wonder it’s so empty.” “Shut up, doer-of-malfeasance. I brought you here to explain why I do these things,” Bleak explained. “Because you believe that no one is trustworthy and that all untrustworthy people must die. Yes, I know,” I said. “Yes. I believe that this world is full of bad people. There is no decency in this world,” he stated. “There is decency, Bleak. Not everybody is as bad as you think,” I stated back. “You are so childish. A child will think that anybody who disobeys the rules of his or her parents is an odd man out. But you and I, people who know something about the world, should know different.” “But Bleak-” “Have you forgotten the ancient Biblical verse? ‘When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I was a man, I put my childish ways behind me.’ This is not a child’s world, where there is no difference between criminals and outcasts. The sad truth is that all of this crime has been adapted to by our modern people. The world is nothing but a bucket of protozoa-infested water defiled by the evil amoebas and volvoxes of our society. And what do we do about it? We fuel their intracellular digestion and chlorophyll with ‘laws.’ ‘Laws’ that people still disobey. This planet is They will think it unbelievable, just as you and I disbelieve ridiculous things like Bigfoot, the Mongolian death worm, the Jersey devil, and rocs. The world is full of liars, cheaters, thieves, murderers, greedy fools, the sexually immoral, the list goes on. I know a man who would sell out his mother for a quick buck. People are too secular to worry about anyone or anything but themselves.”

“Abner Bleak, you act as if the world is a universe of black holes. But you focus too hard on the black holes to notice the stars. There are good people. People who risk their well being to help a friend. People who give their lives for their country and their neighbors,” I explained. “And what causes the wars that your ‘saints’ fight in? People being greedy! There has been a long history of people dying because of greed. Take Julius Caesar for example. He was a merciless, greedy emperor. What did it get him? Some stabs to the chest, an et tu, and a Bruté. And Harod Agrippa! He was conceited and ended up getting eaten from the inside out! What about Adolf Hitler and his storm troopers? He was a greedy murderer who killed millions of people. He committed suicide, for cryogenically freeze it out loud! His soldiers were shot, bombed, devoured by reptiles, and heaven only knows what else,” Bleak answered. “Bleak, how would doing this make you any better than Hitler? Killing millions of innocent people!”

“Innocent?! Innocent?! You speak to me of innocence?! You’ve killed two men, shortly before killing dozens more. Then two others! Hypocrites! Hypocrites the lot of you!” “Bleak, I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for you,” I argued. “Even still, the blood is still on your hands. I hadn’t even planned the trip to the Salad boy’s repair shop. You did that on your own. Kip, heed my word. If an inch disappeared from the planet for every sin committed since they began, there would be no earth left! The world is not a good place.” “The world is only what you make of it, Bleak. A man could stay huddled up in a corner for half of his life, telling himself how horrible the world and its people are, when he could have been out there making a difference in the world he hates. I repeat, the world is only bad if you choose to let it be that way,” I stated with every fiber of my being. Bleak paused. “You’re right,” said Bleak. “I…I am?” I asked him. “Yes. The world is only a good place if I try and make it that way for myself. And I will. Using this trident I will.” “Really?” I asked in disbelief. “Yes! I will…by slaughtering the useless scum that infest this helpless world!” He slammed the bottom of the trident down and the vast whiteness shattered away like glass back into the conscious world.
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    Aaron Jameson
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    Jun 12, 2014