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Kino (Art Trade)!!

by GalaxyEspeon

GalaxyEspeon @Willow Tree
BAM! My side of the trade, DONE! I think it turned out really well. This is my first ever art trade so, I’m pretty surprised at how the art turned out. Tell me what you guys think in the comments!
  1. lucario90
    where do you go to school i kinda wanna go there
    Apr 25, 2021
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  2. GalaxyEspeon
    @Willow Tree bruh, we cant get paper homework in my school ‘cause of corona. And in my school, the internet’s down so, they can’t set the homework in school! Haha!!
    Apr 23, 2021
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  3. GalaxyEspeon
    Ok, now that I look at it again, I think I failed the shading.

    Soz Kino, Soz Willow :'|:'|;_;.
    Apr 23, 2021
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  4. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    Nice! You work so fast! I barely get to continue mine because of homework. :')
    Kino is sooooo cute! I'll be sure to get in my side of the art trade soon!
    Apr 23, 2021
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