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Me and my Friends as Anime villains: Kin-Dare - The Candy King

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain The most recent and fresh addition to the roster, one could even say, Fresh from the oven :D *gets shot for the pun*


A jolly happy Necromancer cannibalist who likes to bring back the dead with bodies made of candy, whenever he isn't eating flesh he is gorging on sugary treats to satisfy his forever hungry sweet tooth

Strength - 1.5 (human, nuff said)

Defense - 0.5 (hasn't been getting his vitamins, needs to change up his diet)

Intelligence - ??? (Probably in the negatives, if not then he must be on drugs if he thinks bodies made of candy is a good idea

Speed - ??? (No one knows cause he is either walking or sitting)

Power - 3 (don't underestimate Necromancy even if it's in the form of Chocolate Zombies XD)