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killer kid: killer kid part 2 unmask

by Rollui

Rollui after a year he comes back to kill
After 9 year old Harvey was killed in a car crash killings started to happened on April 4 1999 now a year has pass and the killer will show himself. The grave digger came to get Harvey body "what the" he said than knife I sent right into his head. "Hahaha" said the killer he step into the light and walk into the Joe's household where he hid from kate Harvey sister. Kate walk up to her closet and open it the killer stab her "help" she said "somebody help me" the killer slash her neck open. He walk out to the master bedroom and open the door where Mr joes attack him with a bat and unmask him where to his horror the killer was Harvey "Harvey" said mr Joe's Harvey than got up and grab the bat. "No please" said Mr Joe's but Harvey punch Mr Joe's head off "good bye dad" said Harvey he walk away into the darkness.....