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by Shauna23

Shauna23 This is a made up region; info page for new written works series
Hello, and welcome to Kida! Here, Pokemon and humans work and live in harmony. There are five districts. There is:
Shine: Shine is home to the shiny Pokemon of Kida. Shine has a population of 53.
Normania: Normania is home to merchants, traders, and factory workers. It's population is 294.
Rice City: Rice City is home to farmers and gardeners. It's population is 55.
Engeen: Engeen is home to engineers, carpenters, and inventors. It's population is 24.
Pokeball: Pokeball is home to the pokeball factory and most Pokemon. It's population is 143.
These five districts coexist in harmony. kida's total population is 569.
The government is an absolute monarchy, meaning the queen/king make all the decisions on their own.
The current ruler is a 13 year old princess named Hope Singer.
Hope Singer's parents gave up the thrown to Hope because they wanted to travel more, but as they were king and queen, they could not.

Hope Singer was recently captured by a scientist group. Because the Pokemon would not go in their pokeballs as easily, they created a new pokeballs similar to the master ball. To test this new pokeball, they captured princess hope, erased her memory, and put her in a controlled area.
[Check back daily for more updates about Kida]