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Kevin vs Ness fight

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Kevin was in the washroom, washing his hands when he heard a scream. He went out to see most of his friends either knocked down, groaning, or being burned and shocked by a 15 year old. Kevin watched as Max and Azure were thrown into the walls. Ness only nodded his head. Ness thought that this place was where Pokey was keeping clones of him, so he had to take them down. Kevin however, thought that this kid was in for a beat down. FIGHT! Ness sent out his PK fire at Kevin, who dodged with ease. Kevin and Ness swung their weapons, however the sword sliced through the baseball bat with ease. Kevin shocked Ness, who then sent his yoyo at Kevin, who grabbed it and threw the yoyo and Ness into the wall, before shocking him. Ness got up and used PK lightning to send himself flying at Kevin, who was pushed back by the wild charge. Kevin put his sword back, then went for hand to hand combat and uppercut Ness in the face, who retaliated with a kick to the stomach. Kevin jabbed Ness in the face a few times, giving Ness a bloody nose, then sent him flying with another punch. Ness got up and sent a few PK fires at Kevin, burning him, then Ness hit him with his baseball bat. Kevin pulled out is sword, and Ness pulled out a steel baseball bat he found in a locker. Kevin and Ness swung their objects once more, only this time, it created a fiery glow that sent them both flying back. Kevin stood up and ran at Ness with a thunder ball in each hand, then punched him twice, hard. Ness used PK pulse, which paralyzed Kevin, then sent him flying. Ness used PK Thunder, which drained some of his energy, at Kevin who disappeared as the meteors hit him. Ness saw nothing but smoke from his meteor strike. Ness thought the battle was over just as static came out of the lights in front of him. The lightning was revealed to be Kevin, who looked unharmed from the meteor storm. "You dodged my PK Thunder?! How?!?" Ness asked, worried that he might lose. "I can turn into lightning." Kevin said, angrily. "You can travel at the speed of light?!?!" Ness asked, more worried. "Idiot....." Kevin pulled out his thunder sword, and struck it right into Ness's chest. Ness fell down, lifelessly. "....I am the speed of light." KO!
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