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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Kenta vs Prof. Green

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria, Kenta and Hugh are stopped at Route 101 by Prof. Green, which gives them the newest PokeNav (v. 5), constructed by Uriel and Brendan alone, using only hands. Kenta soon challenges Prof. Green to a small battle to test his skills.
"Cyndaquil don't give up" Kenta says as Cyndaquil is down in the floor, while Pawniard went for Feint Attack. Pawniard managed to go first and it knockout Cyndaquil. "Return" Kenta said falling to his knees. "How, I thought I could" Kenta started. "Sometimes, calling the match may not be the right thing to do" Prof. Green said. "Yeah, I guess so" Kenta said. "I'll see you guys around" Prof. Green said leaving. "I got an idea" Hugh said. "What's that" I asked. "Let's all take turn to battle you" Hugh said to me. "Sure" I said. "Go Piplup" Hugh said. "Go Treecko" I said. Piplup use Bubble, Treecko use Vine Whip. Piplup's attack did nothing and Treecko managed to just ko Piplup. "Good job, Return Piplup" Hugh said. "My turn, go Cyndaquil" Kenta said. Cyndaquil use Ember, DODGE and use Pound. Treecko dodged the attack and hit pound. Cyndaquil use Ember once more, Treecko use Vine Whip. Cyndaquil's attack hit hard, but Treecko managed to get the upper hand and beat Cyndaquil. "Good job, Return Cyndaquil" Kenta said. "Return Treecko" I said. "What are your goals" I asked. "I'm aiming to be the Champion" Kenta said. "I want to be the best Coordinator" Hugh said. "What about you" Kenta said. "I haven't figure it out" I said. "Doesn't matter, you'll learn what you want to be in this journey" Hugh said. "Who wants to be a Champion" A voice was heard. "I'm want to be the very best, the Champion of New Sinnoh" Kenta said. A mane appeared. He had a brown and light blue hat pointing downwards, he had black glasses covering his eyes, He had blue shirt and blue pants, he also had a brown large coat like a detective and he had brown and blue boots. "So you want to be the Champion" He said. "Yes" Kenta said. "I know the Champion, and to be honest if you can't beat a grass type then you won't become the champion" He said. "Who are you to judge" Kenta said. "I'm The Unstoppable Kalosian, I'm better than anyone around these parts, if you dare challenge me, bad thing can happen" He said. "Really, Let's battle" Kenta insisted. "Fine, don't cry if you lose" Unstoppable Kalosian said. "I'm not a baby, Go Cyndaquil show him" Kenta said. "Fire type, then Go Monferno" UK (Unstoppable Kalosian is too long to say) said. "Monferno" I asked curiosly. Monferno use Thunder Punch, a light appeared in his fist. Cyndaquil use Tackle. Monferno dodge every attack and hit harder each time. Cyndaquil eventually gave up. "Return" Kenta said angry. "How did a fire type do that" Hugh asked. "This isn't a normal Monferno, is mine and is a powerhouse" UK said. "I wonder what else you have" I asked. "You'll get to know them, for now I got to go" UK said leaving. "What's up with him" Kenta said and began walking. "Bye, Daria" Hugh said. "Bye" I said also walking to the next town...
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