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Kirby: Kenta & Oshen

by BooBerry

BooBerry Hey! Why is my pen here?! Get out of the artwork pen!
But seriously, after seeing @Acel's artwork, I was like "Hmmm, I think I should draw these two..." And after thinking about it, I got distracted from Kirby at the same time, and realized that it would be a perfect mash. And I have go on with my work, just listening to "I hate you, I love you"
I hope you all like it~
  1. BooBerry
    @Acel they are fighting for war and they are also helping to kill some drug lords :p <.>
    Sep 11, 2016
    Honolulu the Vaporeon and Acel like this.
  2. Astralpunk
    Why are they crying, though? Are they upset because they evolved into adorable little plush balls? Doesn't matter, this is so CUTE ♥
    Sep 10, 2016