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CoDA Characters: Kendra Aimar

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Kendra Aimar (Birth name), Winged Britannia (Hero identity), Laura Hunter (Secret identity)
Age: 17
Year/Grade: 12 (Senior)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kendra has brown hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. She usually wears an altered feminine version of the armor worn in her home era. Her casual outfit is a modified black T shirt, jeans, and red sneakers.
Personality: At times action-oriented, down-to-earth, single-minded and very willful.
Powers: Flight (Via feathered wings), air manipulation (To certain extent. Promised the Headmaster that she wouldn’t use them), general magic.
Bio: Kendra was born in the 5th century (In the universe that my Teen Justice RP took place in), in the time of scops, in what is now known as England/Britain. She discovered she had powers at a young age. She was sucked into the 21st century (In her home universe/dimension) several days after her 17th birthday. Is still getting used to the 21st century.
Current Guardian: (Mother, Father, both, Grandparent, Aunt May, Uncle, etc.) None, since they are still in the 5th century in her home dimension.