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Keldeo Variations/Subspecies

by Maiden of Ghosts

Keldeo variations 1 (small).png Keldeo variations 2 (Small).png
Maiden of Ghosts SO! Since I'm currently in the process of moving, I can't really draw that much. So I'm uploading these, which I did way back in May. c:

Back when all the Pokemon variations and subspecies were really popular on Tumblr, I ended up drawing these. Legendaries seem to be pretty uncommon choices for subspecies, so I wanted to make some myself. And Keldeo seemed like the perfect one, since it's one of my favourite Pokemon, plus there was a LOT of different things I could do with it.

I also made some descriptions for each kind of Keldeo, so.. This will get a bit long!


Standard: The standard for the species. Your generic Keldeo, this is the form depicted in most well-known myths surrounding the species. They are native to (and found predominantly in) Unova, but can be found in large numbers in Kalos (Many variations are extremely common in Kalos), and can be found in almost every other region, though more uncommonly.

Dappled (Based on Appaloosa horses): Similar in body structure to the standard, what really sets Dappled Keldeos apart from their generic cousins are their coats. Their coats range from various kinds of spotting, such as a white “blanket” over the hindquarters with dark spots (shown above), white coats with large dark spots that flow out over the entire body, light coats with small darker speckles, and so on. Another characteristic trait of Dappled Keldeos is their striped hooves. Dappled Keldeos are found predominantly in the Unova region, and live on grasslands and plains. Due to their habitat, they are less instinctively drawn to water than other kinds of their species, but it’s still quite common to see them near whatever bodies of water they can find on the plains. It is said that Dappled Keldeos were commonly befriended by various groups of ancient peoples in Unova.

Draft (Based on various draft horses. One shown above is based on the Clydesdale): While there are many minor variants of Draft Keldeos (usually in coat, and depending on exactly where they are from), the main trademark of the variant is that they are far larger and stronger than any other Keldeo variant. Due to their stature, they are adept at physical work, and in ancient times were valued for their help by farm workers and builders. Their strength also means they excel in physical attacking, rather than special attacking like their cousins. While the exact point of origin for Draft Keldeos is unknown, they are more common in Kalos than anywhere else, though any place with temperate forests/colder climates is a suitable home for one. Like Dappled Keldeos, Drafts are less instinctively drawn to water, and Deltas of certain types (Ground, Rock and even Grass) are fairly common.

Miniature (Based on Miniature Horses): Miniature Keldeos are exactly as their name says. Miniature. They are incredibly tiny, some are even as small as a standard Umbreon. While they are small, they are surprisingly agile. Common in Kalos, they were treasured in times long ago by nobility for their small stature and Legendary status. (After all, who wouldn’t want a tiny Legendary horse?) Nowadays, they are simply sought after by foolish and rich people. While it isn’t any less common to see them than a standard Keldeo, they are clever and agile enough to easily avoid being caught, even if seen. In fact, some Miniature Keldeos seem to find amusement in appearing before humans and then darting away before they can be caught. Miniature Keldeos are commonly found along the many riverbanks of Kalos, though they aren’t exempt from showing up in other regions

Fjord (Based on Fjord horses): Fjord Keldeos are distinguished by their dun coloured coats, void of the blue or red normally seen on the species, as well as their dark dorsal stripe and unique mane that naturally appears as if it were clipped. They are similar to Draft Keldeos, and common theory is that they evolved from Draft Keldeos into what is now considered their own variant. They are more agile than Draft Keldeos, but are still larger and stronger than the standard. They are most common in alpine areas, near large bodies of water created by glacial erosion, called fjords (which is what the variant is named for).

(Note, I am aware that Fjord horses’ manes are actually clipped, and not naturally in the breed’s trademark style. But I decided it would be natural for Fjord Keldeos, just to have the added effect of the trademark mane. :D)

Oasis (Based on Arabian horses. Shown above as Shiny): Oasis Keldeos are easily recognized thanks to their dished faces and high-held tails. They are incredibly clever and spirited by nature, but tend to be quite gentle as well. They are one of the rarer variants of Keldeos, and have historically been highly valued by humans for their appearance and temperament. Despite their rarity, Oasis Keldeos tend to be more likely to befriend humans than many others of their species. They live in deserts all around the world, and are found commonly in oases.

Royal Knight (Based on Friesian horses): Only of the only variants of Keldeo to be completely void of the standards usually colouring, Royal Knight Keldeos are known for their black coats and wavy manes and tails. While the feathering on their legs and their larger size makes them resemble lighter Draft Keldeos, Royal Knight Keldeos are graceful and nimble for their size. In ancient times, they were commonly used by armies belonging to various kingdoms in the Kalos region, and were treated as knights similar to the humans they fought alongside. While the days of wars is long gone in the region, Royal Knight Keldeos are still deeply respected by people in Kalos, and despite the fact that they don’t interact with humans as much anymore, Royal Knight Keldeos are arguably the most human-friendly members of their species. While it is not unheard of to find Royal Knight Keldeos in other regions, they are far more common in Kalos than anywhere else.

River Demon (Based on kelpies): Easily one of the rarest variants of Keldeos (Though they’re more subspecies than simple variant), however many people would say it’s for the better. River Demon Keldeos are purely carnivorous creatures (Although like all carnivorous Pokemon, they will eat berries if they must), and prey on both Pokemon and humans alike. They have minor illusion abilities which they use to hunt. River Demon Keldeos will disguise themselves as a normal member of their species to lure in Pokemon and humans that think they are benevolent Legendaries, only to drop the illusion and drag their prey underwater to kill them. Unlike their cousins, River Demon Keldeos are Water/Ghost types, though Water/Dark type individuals are not unheard of as well. Aggressive and dangerous by nature, even other kinds of Keldeos are wary around River Demons. While not particularly common in any specific region, River Demon Keldeos are found solely in rivers, usually with deep waters in which they can dwell.

Fae (Based on unicorns): By far the most elusive kind of Keldeos, and one of the most mysterious variant of any Pokemon species, Fae Keldeos are very seldom seen. However there are countless myths and stories surrounding them and their powers. Some myths say their horns can purify water (Similar to the powers of their fellow Legendary, Suicune), as well as heal any sickness. Others say Fae Keldeos will only let women approach them, as well as them being part Fairy type (although the stories are inconsistent on whether they are Water/Fairy or Fighting/Fairy). Even other kinds of Keldeos are not quite sure whether the tales surrounding their Fae cousins are true, as not many have even met any themselves. One thing that is quite common in almost all tales however, is that while Fae Keldeos are beautiful and graceful beyond belief, they are fearsome fighters regardless, being incredibly adept at special attacks. Fae Keldeos have only been reportedly seen in the Kalos region, though the myths about them have long since spread to other regions, Unova in particular.

Deepsea (Based on the hippocampus): Also known as “sea-horses”, Deepsea Keldeos are found only in the seas of the world (though it isn’t impossible for them to go on land, it is just.. Not their element, to put it simply). While it is uncommon for Deepsea Keldeos to come into contact with humans and land-dwelling Pokemon, they are quite social creatures and tend to befriend many other ocean Pokemon, as well as any humans that happen to sail into their waters. According to the Deepsea Keldeos themselves, they have quite a tendency to be pure Water types or even Water/Dragon as opposed to the usual Water/Fighting of their land-dwelling cousins.
  1. Maiden of Ghosts
    Maiden of Ghosts
    @StellarWind Elsydeon Well I'm glad you like them, thank you! And ha.. I will admit, the Fae does pull a bit of inspiration from The Last Unicorn, since I'm fairly fond of the movie and the style of unicorns that it has.
    Oct 12, 2015
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon
    StellarWind Elsydeon
    I generally dislike Keldeo, but I like those variations you pulled off there. Particularly appreciate the nod to Kelpies. The Fae subspecies utterly screams The Last Unicorn though.
    Oct 12, 2015
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  3. EspeonTheBest
    I just realized that surprised was supervised.....XD

    But yes. My favorite breed is a Hanoverian (Because my horse is one) and then comes the Friesian and Appaloosas. The Draft horse/ Clydesdale is very recognizable right off the bat along with the Appaloosa. The Arabian was a little bit hard to distinguish, but to be honest I haven't seen one of those horses in real life before, so Its a tad understandable. There we go! Specifics if you wanted them! ♥
    Oct 12, 2015
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  4. Maiden of Ghosts
    Maiden of Ghosts
    @EspeonTheBest Thank you! ♥ I used to ride horses myself, and I still love them to bits, so I like to think I still know a pretty decent amount about them. I used some of my favourite breeds of horses for these, in fact! I'm glad they're recognizable!
    Oct 12, 2015
  5. EspeonTheBest
    I love this!
    Horses are my favorite animals and I was supervised as soon as I saw this! You did an amazing job of representing the different breeds of real life horses that I could recognize them right away. This is fantastic! Keep it up!
    Oct 12, 2015
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