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Keizo Amano(Yo-Kai Watch 2: Ganso and Honke) vs Pokemon Trainer Gold(Pokemon Gold and Silver)

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox I created this battle with one of my friends, who will be called GamingFox so his true identity will still be a mystery. So half credit to him!
Ilex Forest, 3:54 pm

Deep in Ilex Forest, the young champion of Johto, Gold Hibiki, was standing in front of Celebi’s shrine. The Pokemon Breeder was hoping the mythical pixie would appear so he could travel back in time. He had heard that there was a trainer with great power who fought 60 years ago, a guy named Nick Adams or something.. His Fire type starter, Typhlosion was standing behind him, his flames on his back blazing stronger than usual, excited for the hopefully upcoming battle.

Suddenly, the shrine flashed, and Celebi came out, its big blue eyes darting to Gold. Gold looked back and spoke.

“Celebi, I want you to send me back 60 years so I can fight a strong trainer, if you don’t mind.” Gold asked, a determined expression planted on his face.

Celebi nodded, and began shining brightly, then released a bluish wave that hit Gold and Typhlosion. Suddenly, everything started becoming distorted, and then everything went white.

After a few seconds, Gold was shown lying on the ground, groaning. His first Pokemon had recalled itself back into his PokeBall. The hero of the 2nd generation opened up his eyes, groaned one more time, and got up. He looked around and saw he was now...somewhere.

He checked his PokeGear, which told him he was in…..Springdale….? Gold saw it was rather unmodern, so he knew he had gone back in time. The yellow and black hatted teen saw a kid roughly his age chasing around a shadowy monster, a club in hand.

“Is he...trying to hurt that Pokemon!??! I need to stop him, now!” Gold exclaimed, then ran at the tanned boy, grabbing Typhlosion’s Pokeball.

“Hey YOU! Stop hurting that Pokemon!” Gold yelled, hurling his Pokemon’s capsule into the air, which released Typhlosion.

“Whaddya mean “Pokahman? I’m trying to kill this Kaima, so could you please stay out of this? I don’t want anybody getting hurt.” The boy said. You, the audience, may recognise this youngster’s appearance. He was none other Keizo Amano.

“Don’t pretend! You can’t KILL Pokemon! It’s illegal! I think!” Gold shouted, and Typhlosion roared as well. Keizo rolled his eyes, but noticed that the Kaima had fled, the Kaima hunter being distracted.

“Aw geez... Listen, I suggest you get the heck out of here, unless you wanna get your butt-kicked!” Keizo threatened, raising his arm and showing his Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero.

“Oh REALLY!? You’re are talking to the champion of the Johto Region, buddy, so back off!” Gold screamed, getting furious.

“You wanna go? I can guarantee you won’t beat me, the great Keizo Amano, aka Kamen Guts!” He announced, and pulled out Fuyunyan medal.

“Keizo Amano?!? Hey, you’re the strong trainer from the pa- I mean, I’m Gold Hibiki, champion of the Johto Region!” Gold shouted, realizing this brat he was arguing with was the powerful trainer who he was looking for. Or rather time travelling for.

Keizo was thinking why this “Gold” person was being such a jerk, and came to this conclusion: Typhlosion was a Kaima and he had inspirited Gold for such a long time, they became evil partners.

“Uh oh, I don’t think I can save this kid….I-we’ll have to beat ‘em both!” Keizo yelled and flipped the Brave tribe medal up into the air.

“Come on out my friend, calling Fuyunyan! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” The Watch maker announced, catching the medal and inserting into the watch. A red light flashed out the the Brave tribe summoning theme played.

“Summoning Brave!”

“Sumo Shave, Flame Engrave! Flash team’ a Brave!”

“Fuyunyan!” The blue cat exclaimed, striking his action pose.

“Hey buddy, I need your help beating this Kaima and this boy. He’s been possessed and isn’t allowing me to beat Kaima.” Keizo explained to his feline partner.

“Of course, Keizo. I’ll take care of whatever beast he throws at me!” Fuyunyan told, looking at his opponent.

“Is that some kind of shiny, talking Meowth or something? Your weakest I’m guessing? Nevermind, I can beat this guy with Politoed!” Gold said, recalling Typhlosion and tossing out his water type frog.

“Saving his strongest for the last? Good idea. Fuyunyan, stay back a bit. You’re free to watch, though! I have an idea to counter his froggy Kaima. Come on out my friend, calling Chummer! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” Keizo said, flipping his lightish blue colored medal into the air, then catching it, slipping it into the watch.

“Summoning Slippery!”

“Slippery! Dippery! Slimey limey doo, Slippery!” The song played, with Chummer dancing along with it. Chummer landed on the ground, not speaking, just thrashing around.

“Go get ‘em Chummer!” Keizo said, pointing at Politoed.

“Politoed, Water Gun!” Gold ordered.


Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 4

Gold’s Pokemon: 4

Keizou’s friend charged at Politoed and opened up his jaws, preparing his mighty bite. Politoed fired his Water Gun attack, which didn’t phase his opponent, and was bitten on his head. Politoed screamed and used Brick Break in Chummer’s stomach.

The Slippery tribe animal grunted, and released his chomp. He jumped back and used his Rapids attack, sending a waterfall at Politoed. The Pokemon dodged and used Brick Break again, slamming his fist down onto Chummer’s forehead. Chummer groaned, his eyes swirling a bit, dazed.

“Politoed, use Bounce!” Politoed’s owner ordered, and the monster jumped high in the air. Chummer growled and sharpened his claws, then jumped up at it. Politoed soared down, using Bubble Beam to try to blind Chummer. The vegetarian shark slashed the bubbles fiercely, popping them all instantly.

Politoed came down with a kick, but that ended up backfiring, as the claw attack cut his foot severely, and was then slashed in the other leg. Chummer grabbed Politoed’s foot and tossed him down to the ground.

Politoed could not bounce back like he would normally as his feet were hurt, so he instead sent a Ice Beam at Chummer. The cold blast hit Chummer directly, freezing him. Keizo’s friend fell down at high speeds and crashed. The Rank B fighter was freed from the icy prison after landing, but some ice shards were stuck in his body.

“Chummer! You alright, bud?” Keizo yelled, concerned for his partner. Chummer grunted, and chuckled, showing him a thumbs up. Chummer got up and growled loudly, then ran at Politoed. He prepared his Maul attack, then latched onto his amphibian adversary.

Chummer began slashing, chomping and kicking him repeatedly, the Water type Pokemon hollering out loud. Chummer then delivered a strong punch, hitting Politoed in the face. The split evolution monster croaked in pain, and started flailing around, trying to get away.

“Politoed!!! Stop it, please! STOP!” Gold pleaded, but Keizo did not oblige. Chummer chomped Politoed so hard, that the green frog began bleeding. The toad screamed, then Chummer picked him and up and tossed him at a tree, silencing the animal . Gold ran at Politoed and picked him up, hugging him tightly.

Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 4

Gold’s Pokemon: 3

“Politoed...He’s so hurt….and in pain….” Gold cried, trying to heal him with a potion, but the wounds were too serious.

“I’m not letting you die….I’ll beat this guy and help you….” The Pokemon Trainer swore, and returned his Pocket Monster into its PokeBall. Gold turned to Keizo and glared.

“You sicko. I’m going to end your tyranny of killing Pokemon!” Gold shouted, and tossed out his second Pokemon. Out came one of his strongest, an electrical powerhouse who defeated one of the strongest Pokemon trainers of all time.


The adorable mouse plopped on the ground, and squeaked cutely. Keizo’s face turned into an extremely confused one. Was this tiny cute little thing really a kaima? Keizo remembered Nate’s Jibanyan, however, so he forgot about it.

“Pichu, THUNDERBOLT!” Gold screamed, the baby Pokemon nodding and releasing an electrical shock at his fishy foe. Chummer was hit and barked in pain, becoming painfully aware this wasn’t going to be easy.
“Now, Double Team!” Gold ordered, and the monster created several other copies of himself using what Naruto fans will call “Shadow Clone Jitsu”.

Chummer looked around, seeing the many Pichu’s causing him to become dizzy. Chummer used his Soultimate to bulk up, his Sharkskin Shield move being performed. Gold called for another move, this time using Headbutt.

Pichu connected it’s noggin into Chummer’s belly, knocking the air out of it. Pichu took his chance and hit his opponent with a Thunder attack. Chummer grunted at first, his defensive boost helping him a bit, but the electrical attack pulled through and zapped him until he turned into blue fire.

Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 3

Gold’s Pokemon: 3

“Uh oh. This isn’t looking good….”, Keizo thought, a bit worried,”I’m not sure how many Yo-Kai he has left. I only have 3, he might have a full team.”

“&@%$!@$*&!” Gold thought, angrily.

“Alright….Come on out my friend, calling Frostina!” Keizo announced, flipping the Charming medal into the air, then catching it.

“Yo-Kai Medal, do your thing!” Keizo said, putting the medal into the watch. The Charming tribe song played, and Frostina did her dance along with it.

“Summoning, Charming!”

“Alarming! Boom boom, walla walla dance dance! Charming!”

“Frostina!” The Rank B Yo-Kai exclaimed, appearing out of a pink light. The Ice attribute girl saw her opponent, sparking with electricity and her eyes widened.Frostina looked at Keizo nervously.

“Um, Keizo, I don’t think I can beat this guy. He looks strong.” Frostina spoke softly.

“Are you kidding me? IT’S A MOUSE. Just go freeze it or something!” Keizo yelled, causing the frosty phantom to become scared and do as told. Frostina used her Blizzard attack, releasing a cold blast, which was countered by Pichu’s Thunderbolt attack.

The blasts eventually stopped and Pichu charged at his opponent at high speeds, then curled up into a ball and became covered in a rocky armor. Frostina jumps up, dodging Pichu’s Rollout attack, and slaps the ball into a tree. The pre-evolved mascot rubs his head, then sends a Thunder at his female fighting frost foe.

The Charming Yo-Kai yelps as she is hit, but uses her Snow Play skill to increase her ice attacks then uses her Numbify inspiritment to slow down and freeze Pichu. Frostina sends her Blizzard attack again, freezing Pichu.

Pichu bursts out with a Thunderbolt, then uses his Volt Tackle move, dashing at Frostina, an electrical aura surrounding him. Frostina notices that her foe is getting serious, so she prepares to use her Soultimate. After a few seconds, Frostina has charged her attack. Just as Pichu is about to reach her, several powerful icicles are sent flying at him with the Snow Sherbert attack.

Some icicles are zapped by the electrical aura, but MORE manage to get inside and stab the baby Pokemon. Pichu cried in pain, having getting tons of cuts and bruises from the attack, but pulled through and bashed into Frostina, causing a large explosion of smoke.

When everything cleared up, Pichu was shown breathing heavily, on its belly, having taken damage from both the Soultimate and his own attack. Pichu slowly stood up on its feet, and prepared his Thunderbolt attack if his opponent chose to continue fighting or was not already defeated.

Suddenly, Pichu saw a bluish, petite figure in the sky, so he figured it was Frostina. The electric rodent fired his Thunderbolt attack, which was countered with a Blizzard attack from the other end.

“Good thing Pichu always relies on its instincts, just like me!” Gold exclaimed, cheering for his Pokemon.

“Hrm...I gotta think of a strategy or….I know! Frostina, stop the attack and soar down!” Keizo yelled, and Frostina nodded. Frostina halted her Ice attack, dodged the Thunderbolt and soared down.

Pichu continued firing his attack, which, to no avail, was dodged by his Ice attributed opponent. Pichu began growing tired, and saw Frostina was very close. Pichu tried his final attack, his Shock Wave move, but it could not be released fast enough and he was hit by Frostina’s Blizzard attack, freezing him.

Frostina looked back at Keizo, wondering if he should stop or not, but her watch wearing friend shook his head. Frostina nodded and continued her attack. Eventually, her Blizzard reached temperatures below 25 degrees, and Pichu’s body became blue. Then, Frostina stopped and floated back a bit.

Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 3

Gold’s Pokemon: 2

Gold ran to Pichu, but Keizo stopped him. He got out his club, and raised it to smash Pichu. However, Gold returned his monster back into it’s PokeBall before Keizo could do it. Keizo turned around, and glared.

“Stop doing that! I need to kill the Kaima to stop them from causing bad stuff!” Keizo yelled.

“The hell is a Kaima?!? If you’re referring to my Pokemon or somethin’, they don’t do anything bad! So back off!” Gold said, pushing Keizo in the shoulders, making him stumble back. Keizo growled and told Frostina to keep fighting.

“Go, Heracross!” Gold screamed, his Stag Beetle beast coming out of the capsule. It looked at Frostina and glared heavily, scaring Frostina. The kimono wearing bar owner shrieked and fired her Soultimate in fear.

Heracross broke the icicles with Dark Slash, and then used Focus Blast, which was a direct hit, obliterating her body and turning her into a blue fire.

Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 2

Gold’s Pokemon: 2

Keizo panicked, seeing that this “Yo-Kai” was very strong, so he put another medal in the watch.

“Come on out my friend, calling Reuknight! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” After slipping it inside, the Brave summoning theme played.

“Summoning, Brave!”

“Sumo shave, flame engrave! Flash team’a brave!”

“Reuknight!” The warrior Yo-Kai shouted, and as soon as he saw Heracross’s expression, he knew the fight was on. Reuknight stabbed at his insect opponent, who used Aerial Ace to counter back. Eventually, Reuknight released an electric blast at Heracross, paralysing it for a second.

Reuknight took his chance and stabbed Heracross in the chest, causing Heracross to wince. The Heracules beetle then used Pin Missile, firing several needles out of his horn at Reuknight. The needles bounced off Reuknight’s armor, so Heracross tries another attack, this time Chip Away.

Heracross repeatedly stabs Reuknight with his horn, who uses Stab Storm to match every single slash. The fusion knight grins, knowing the fight would get more intense and more fun, so he used Shock several times to get some quick damage.

Heracross dodged by flying around, then knocked into Reuknight’s stomach, which backfired as it was covered by armor. Reuknight used his spear to hold Heracross down, then slashed at him with his sword.

Heracross cried out in pain, and started squirming. Heracross used Megahorn, which broke through the armor in that area, allowing Heracross to hit his foe in its weak spot. Reuknight grunted and punched Heracross in the face, causing the beetle to back up.

Heracross used Megahorn once more, charging at Reuknight, who jumped up and stabbed Heracross in the back. The spear dug into Heracross’s skin, and when Reuknight slammed his spear onto the ground, Heracross got dragged along, too.

Heracross removed the spear out of his back and threw it at Reuknight, who got in hit in the chest. Heracross flew up and hit his foe with an Aerial Ace, slashing him harshly. Heracross then went for Brick Break, smashing his fists onto Reuknight, hard. Reuknight’s armor began to break again, so the Thunder attributed Yo-Kai used it’s Knight’s Curse attack.

Heracross tried firing it’s mighty Hyper Beam, but it didn’t have enough energy thanks to the Knight’s Curse. Reuknight took his chance and stabbed then 2nd Generation brawler right in the face. The bug screamed, then was hit by Shock, and finally by Stab Storm. Heracross went flailing along the ground, wincing and grunting.

“Heracross! Urgh…..I know! Use Focus Blast!” Gold said, forgetting about the fact that Heracross could not perform moves that needed lots of special attack power, which was sapped by Knight’s Curse. Gold ordered Close Combat instead, which Heracross managed to pull off.

Heracross flew at his opponent and readied his attack, while Keizo ordered a Soultimate. Reuknight charged up his ultimate attack, then ran at Heracross. When the two collided, several cracks and stabs were heard, with Reuknight using his Stab Storm at first to counter the weaker punches and horn stabs, but had to unleash his Soultimate once the punches got harder.

Reuknight slashed at Heracross with a mighty blow, knocking his foe back into a rocky area. Reuknight charged at Heracross and held his spear back, then let it go forward. Heracross used Megahorn once more, stabbing through the fusion’s chest, while Reuknight stabbed Heracross in the stomach.

Reuknight closed his eyes, then poofed into blue fire, while Heracross choked blood, lying down, fainted or even worse, dead. Gold recalled Heracross, some tears in his eyes.

Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 1

Gold’s Pokemon: 1

“Damn it….This is stupid, why can’t I beat him!?” Gold thought to himself, remembering Politoed and Pichu. However, the Dex Holder knew he couldn’t stop there. He had to use his strongest.

“Go, Typhlosion!!!” Gold yelled, releasing Typhlosion out into the battlefield.

“Alright Fuyunyan, your up.” Keizo told his partner, who nodded and leapt into the fight. Fuyunyan looked at Typhlosion and hissed, to which the lava beast growled back. As soon as that was over with, the final fight began.

Fuyunyan jumped at Typhlosion and unleashed his Sharp Claws attack, scratching and punching Typhlosion repeatedly. The fire rat monster thing grunted, then unleashed his Flamethrower attack, which Fuyunyan gracefully dodged. The caped kitty then kicked Typhlosion in the face several times, finishing the attack off with a punch to the stomach.

Fuyunyan flipped back and grinned in success. Typhlosion roared in anger and used Flame Wheel, rolling at Fuyunyan at incredibly fast speeds. The heroic feline avoided the attack, but was hit by a rebound roll. Fuyunyan’s fist glowed blue, and he punched his opponent hard in the face with his fist.

Typhlosion staggered back, and the azure ancient adventurer took his chance to hit him with another Sharp Claws. Fuyunyan slashed the monster right in the stomach, digging his claws into its skin, causing some blood to come out. Gold gritted his teeth and ordered a Lava Plume.

His first Pokemon nodded, and the fire type unleashed a large ball of lava out of it’s mouth. The lava splattered over the arena, causing fires to be started. Keizo panicked and had Fuyunyan fight on it’s own, while Keizo ran at Gold.

“What the heck is wrong with you!?!?” Keizo screamed, and delivered a punch to Gold’s face. Keizo then took out his club and whacked Gold in the stomach.

“Wrong with me!?! You’re the one punching me in the face! We’re not supposed to fight!” Gold shouted back, and ordered his Typhlosion to go for melee combat while Gold would take care of Keizo himself.

While their partners were fighting, Typhlosion started swinging Fire Punches at Fuyunyan, who dodged them and tripped Typhlosion with a kick. Fuyunyan then used Tornado, blasting a large gust of wind at the Pocket Monster.

Typhlosion was sent flying into a tree, then burnt it a little, and picked it up with Strength. The animalistic starter tossed the tree at Fuyunyan, who leapt over it and came charging down with a punch.

Meanwhile, Gold had been getting the crap beaten out of him by Keizo, who was delivering several whacks and kicks. Gold was knocked back, then got out his Running Shoes, delivering several quick kicks and punches. Keizo coughed out blood, and put on his goggles.

Keizo grabbed Gold by the foot and swung him over into a tree. Gold bashed his head on the tree, getting him dizzy. The creator of the Yo-Kai Watch then whacked Gold several times with his club until he was out.

Keizo turned to Fuyunyan, who had been beating the Pokemon thanks to Gold being distracted. Our young hero runs at Typhlosion and whacks it with his club several times, luring it to Keizo. Keizo grins as Fuyunyan fires his Tornado attack.

Typhlosion is sent flying above Keizo at Gold. Typhlosion skids next to Gold and wakes him up, so his trainer can give him orders. The mineral named boy gets up slowly and pulls out his skateboard. He rides on it towards Keizo and orders Typhlosion to stay the distance. Typhlosion nods and fires a Fire Blast, then a Hyper Beam.

Fuyunyan tries countering the Fire Blast with another Tornado, but the Hyper Beam hits and the cat is sent sprawling backwards. Fuyunyan notices his foe has to charge up, so he runs forward with a glowing fist. The cat then punches Typhlosion right in the chin, and does it again in his stomach and chest.

Gold tackles Keizo to the ground, and the two get in a fist fight. Well, it is actually more like Gold trying to actually fight for the first time in his life and Keizo giving him a bloody nose. Keizo then kicks Gold in his Onix, causing the trainer to shriek like a girl. The tanned hero then gets up and looks at Gold.

“Stop fighting. I’m going to beat you anyways, so it’s best you just stop and let me kill you and your Kaima.” Keizo commands, readying his club in case of ignorance.

“NO!” Gold yells, and tries punching Keizo in the face, but is hit by the club hard and sent flying into Typhlosion. The beast is taken by surprise and knocked down. Fuyunyan takes his chance and uses Tornado, sending both of them flying up into the air.

“We can’t kill that Kaima and that guy without Darknyan. You ready?” Keizo asks his partner, raising up his watch.

“Yes.” Fuyunyan nods, and Keizo raises the watch high in the air.

“YO-KAI THAT I HAVE HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR ENERGY TO FIGHT THIS KAIMA!!!! PLEASE!!!!” Keizo shouts, and suddenly, hundreds of beams of light come flying towards the watch, all from Yo-Kai that Keizo has saved. With all of the energy in his watch, Keizo points it towards Fuyunyan, and a blast comes flying at him.

When the blast hits, a blinding light is created, and as it fades away, Fuyunyan has been replaced by his Batman colored transformation: Darknyan!

“Okay Darknyan, keep the twister going with Storm!” Keizo orders, and an electrical tornado is sent flying from Darknyan at the already spinning Pokemon and Pokemon Trainer.

“TYPHLOSION! BLAST BURN!” Gold screams, hoping to get a last minute kill. Typhlosion nods slowly, and manages create a small fireball from his mouth, which he then fires down at the ground. Slowly, the grounds begins shaking and a large blast of fire begins to build up under the Watch Wielder and Darknyan.

Before the ultimate attack can reach, Darknyan grabs Keizo and soars into the air. They make it out of the deadly blast and fly into the tornado. Darknyan tosses Keizo down into a tree, and his fist begins glowing purple. As he reaches the two, Gold embraces his first Pokemon.

“See you in Arceus’s realm, buddy….” Gold says, hugging Typhlosion tightly. The fiery rat smiles and his fire fades away. After that, the black cat sends his flying forward, going straight through Typhlosion and Gold, the trainer screaming as he dies. After Darknyan delivers his final attack, he dismisses the tornado and Gold along with Typhlosion fall to the ground, splattering into blood and bits when they land.

Keizo’s Yo-Kai: 1

Gold’s Pokemon: 0


Darknyan transforms back into Fuyunyan and lands on the ground, looking for Keizo. His friend is shown climbing down the tree and running over to Fuyunyan.

“Good job, buddy! Now we gotta take care of his other Kaima!” Keizo yells, clutching his club, but Fuyunyan grabs his partner’s hand.

“No need. When I used my Storm attack, the little capsules where he keeps them were destroyed along with the Kaima inside of them by the lightning.” Fuyunyan explains, pointing to some of the ash near the bloody mess that was Gold.

“Oh! Now, where was that Kaima I was chasing before?” Keizo asked himself, and ran away, searching, with Fuyunyan following afterwards.
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Keita is Nate's japanese name. Keizo is his grandfather.
    Feb 3, 2016
  2. Rovenz
    Btw it's Keita, not Keizo.
    Feb 3, 2016