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my region and everything that has to do with it!: Kayda Ethne (Dragon type gym leader oc)

by roanyael

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roanyael Hello there, flawless people of Pokecharm. So it has been a long while since the last one of these came out. but I'm finally back again. This time bringing you my spin on a dragon type gym leader. The dragon type ended up winning the voting with 53% of the votes. My thanks go to everyone who voted in the poll, even if your favorite didn't win. Enjoy the dragon type gym leader I made. And they go by the name of...

Kayda Ethne


So I started to think what I could do for a Dragon type gym leader. This type doesn't really have a diverse pool of trainer in my opinion. Look at Lance, Claire and Drake who are basically the same. Tbh only Iris and Raihan strayed from the overused dragon type specialist they always made. Theres a lot I can do with it without it feeling used already. (Somehow I ended up with a concept that is already used but I only saw that afterwards.) I thought about what would be fun as a dragon type leader, and first I had the same stupid hero like idea. But I scrapped that quickly. So an unrelated adventure brought me my amazing idea. While I was emptying out my closet I came across with old clothing from my teenage years...(which was like 6 years tbh... I was 13 in the photo) I was a scene kid back them or emo kid as most of the population called us lmao. So I thought thst would make a great idea for an oc. And then I made the dragon type leader and I was just like. Why not, it looks cool as a dragon type user. I did go with a girl, since that would give me more clothing options, and the hair...AAAGGHHAAA. As I started to thing of Pokemon, I did not want to give her a pseudo legendary as ace cuz that is so overused that it's basically stupid at this point. So I went with haxorus. (I know that Iris and Drayden also hade one. But I simply do not care. It looked good at her side. As for the name of the trainer... I named her Kayda which is a misspelling of the name Kaida which means little dragon. And Ethna means little fire... She is very tiny lmao.



Kayda was born on the 9th of September in the year 1993. On Nolter isle in the Hudson region which is a small island planted right in the middle of the region. She grew up having a pretty normal life to be completely honest. Until she learned about kids going on pokemon journeys, when she was about 5 years old in 1998. Since that day she started preparing for her own journey. Well maybe she was planning a bit to much ahead to her pokemon journey. She didn't know how she was gonna prepare for it or even. She didn't know much about Pokemon so she just looked at images and said that she wanted those Pokemon because they seemed cool or cute. But as the years went on, her preparation became more serious and serious. She started actually planning out her whole journey step by step. Her grandfather was the one who helped a lot since he thought it was so fun to spend time with his granddaughter like that. Her grandfather was also a pretty powerful and respected trainer. And he was a pretty big example for her. Her grandfather was a dragon type expert and was originally from the dragon village in the Unova region. They became really, really close in those five years. And then in 2003 when she turned 10 years old. It was finally time for her to head on her perfectly planned pokemon journey... At least that was what she thought. She didn't know this herself but she wrote the wrong time down and was thus an hour late at the pokemon center where she would obtain her starter. Nurse Joy had to explain to her that she was to late and thus she could not get a pokemon. She had to return home with empty hands. She was extremely sad about it threw multiple tantrums once she was back home. Her perfect journey was already ruined.

The next day she was still very sad about it. But it didn't take long before that feeling was gone. Her grandfather came by that day with a box which he put in front of their front door and then he left. He did have a very busy schedule after all. As she opened the box she saw a letter blocking off the rest of the inside, which she read. "My dear Kayda, I know how much you wanted this to happen. So I hope you will take good care of this little critter no matter what it will become. And don't forget to show me everything. Yours truly, Gramps. " In the box was an incubator with a pokemon egg inside of it. And next to it was a camera. In the letter it was also said that the egg was for certain a dragon type pokemon, which one it would become was a total mystery. Her parents promised that as soon as the egg hatched she was allowed to leave on her journey. And not a week late the egg hatched into a adorable Axew. And thus Kayda set off on on her pokemon journey a week later then planned, accompanied by her new partner Axew. That was also when she decided to completely scrap everything that she had planned before. And become a dragon type trainer just like her grandfather. So she could eventually become a dragon master like him. Off course she didn't forget to film everything in her journey. All the trainers she came across. The gym battles she did. The pokemon she caught. Everything was send to her Grandfather so he could enjoy her journey as well. She eventually found a love for making videos and became a sort of vlogger for grandfather.

Her journey went amazing and she caught a few awesome dragon types who held her company on her journey. 2 years after her journey in 2005 she found out about a new site called; YouTube. YouTube offered videos from people who were also on their journey. So at 12 years old she tried her hand at it. And posted some of her videos on the site. It's not like she gained massive amount of views. She gained actually not much. But since making videos for her grandfather was fun she posted them to YouTube anyway. And her viewers and subscriber count went up pretty fast. It seems that people some people really liked her videos. Only two years later in 2007 she reached a milestone of 1000 subscribers. And it only went up faster from that day onwards. She also watched a lot of other YouTubers and she got influenced lot by the fashion of the time. And the extremer version of it; Scene fashion. And her appearance started to change little by little. And in 2008 she looked exactly as she looks exactly like she does right now. Which means she had the exact same style as she had at 15 years old. On that same year her channel also went viral when she fought the dragon gym leader. The fight was insanely cool to watch and thus her channel grew exponentially.

After her journey through the Hudson regional was over, in 2010,she decided to travel to the region her grandfather came from; Unova. And she traveled through that region as well. And in 2011 she fought the dragon type specialist in that region; Drayden, and actually won the battle. That video wend viral as well and from that moment she was an actual international celebrity. Although she did not think of herself that way. She also visited the dragon village during her visit in the Unova region. Where she met up with her grandfather. And they stayed there for a couple of months. Which was actually the time she learned most about the dragon types. And she trained with multiple other dragon masters. To make her an even better trainer. When she returned in the Hudson region she trained even more and focused more on her YouTube account which had grown to 1 million subscribers at this point. Then in the year 2013 when she was 20 years old she got a challenge from the current dragon type gym leader. The challenge was that if she could beat him in a 6 on 6 Pokemon battle. She could take over his gym. Of course she accepted that challenge and filmed the battle again. It was a really hard and amazing battle she would never forget. Not only did she win. This video went on to be her most watched video on her channel and it still is. It also became the most watched video in the region for a while. Thus she took over the title as Nolter Isle gym leader after that. And many people compare her strength to gym leaders like Elizabeth and Miss-Tyria. And she continues to grow and become better over time.



I will give her and every gym leader in the future a team of 6 which they can change up depending on how strong the opponent is. But here I mostly show up what their strongest and optimal team is. So here it is









Right now it’s the year 2021, and Kayda is 28 years old. Her style has changed nothing. She didn't really grow much so her closet stayed the same over the years. Her YouTube channel has grown to a massive 32 million subscriber count. And she is insanely popular with trainers. She does lots of collaborations with Guang the electric type gym leader who is also a social media star. And they have become best friends. Her gym is immensely popular but she gives our few badges. And her most recent achievement is getting the title of dragon master from the elders in dragon village. A title she wears proudly.



  1. roanyael
    @Cryronn the Mudkip I am actually really bad at teambuilding. Thats why I lay the focus more on the stoy.
    Jul 20, 2021
    Cryronn the Mudkip likes this.
  2. Cryronn the Mudkip
    Cryronn the Mudkip
    So uh. That’s a really strong team.

    I think I could handle it. The only wrench to ice type sweeping is the Tyrantrum but, I think I could handle it all.
    Jul 4, 2021
    roanyael likes this.
  3. roanyael
    @Shikowara Thank you so much. Also I'm not the best at teambuilding so thank you for that. And yes she may seem a bit scary, Imagine her being the first gym leader you face on your journey as a ten year old.
    Jun 16, 2021
    Shikowara likes this.
  4. Shikowara
    She'd probably scare me if I were 10 XD
    Otherwise she seems pretty cool. I like her team.
    Jun 16, 2021
    roanyael likes this.
  5. roanyael
    @GalaxyEspeon I can kinda see it tbh. I have not played any of the Danganronpa games so she wasnt really on my mind.I basically based her on what I looked like 6 years ago but female. lmao.
    Jun 16, 2021
  6. GalaxyEspeon
    She’s reminds me of ibuki miyoda.
    Jun 15, 2021
    roanyael likes this.