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Katarina Old Drawing (3DS)

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil He, heeee! Katarina have old things too (at the 3DS)! Now have fun.
(BEFORE, 2 spoilers: First, Katarina have an more old drawing, created at the same time of the first Combusken drawing (See "2 Old Combusken "Designs" (3DS)"), buut, this drawing didn't are so much good, sorry. And the second, I will post several things, about 3DS drawings, I hope you like. So, now you can have fun.)
OH ARCEUS, "I ALMOST FORGOT" IN EVERY WORK. Curiosite! Katarina and Combusken had these names from the start to now! Yeah, they ever were Katarina and Combusken (Now, Richard too)!