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Kat~Chu Squad

by BooBerry

BooBerry I have finally finished this before and after breakfast today (but I've started it yesterday so I decided to post this today because... I'd just wanted to too ^^*)
Anyways here are a little bit of info about the squad members of team Kat~Chu:
Harp (Meloetta):
•Leader of the group
•The Squad's first female
•Known for her AMAZING fan dancing (It's probably one of those Japanese dances that I had probably saw before)
•Only member that has "Gentle" as it's nature
Kotori (Sylveon):
•Mostly rebellious for her gender
•Always active for hardcore tasks
•The only member that is often lost on thought
•Known for her acrobatic skills
Chuck (Dewott):
•Has a crush on Harp (Leader of the squad)
•Sometimes has mood swings
•He got fired from being a taekwondo teacher because he wasn't on time everyday, he didn't taught the right lessons, and broke all the equipment that the school needs for special events (like boards, armor, belts or stuff like that)
•He is known for his self defense and his offense attacks
Citrus (popplio):
•The squad's comedian
•Always plays pranks on Blaze and Budo
•The only member that has the characteristics "Somewhat of a clown"
•Has a huge talent on synchronized swimming
•Known for her best distractions and prank-related attacks/moves
Blaze (Victini):
•Most mature member of the Squad
•Always prefers to be single (like me in real life)
•Best friends with Chuck
•Can get easily tempered
•Always gotten pranked by Citrus

•Known for his strength and bravery
•The squad calls him the "Firefly" of the group
Budo (Rowlett):
•Always gets prepared on ANYTHING or EVERYWHERE they go
•The most cleanest member of the squad
•Easily gets scared or frightened
•Always gotten pranked by Citrus (just like Blaze)
•Known for his strong eyesight and his agility

Mini Trivia:
•Kotori's name comes from an anime called "Love Live"
•Budo's name came from Yandere Simulator
•Blaze is the only member that gets easily tempered
•Both Harp and Blaze are the only legendaries of the squad
•Chuck's name came from Angry Birds Toons
•Chuck is the only member that has a part time job (but he's now fired :p)
•The whole team are at the teen age in their human times

I hope you all like it :blush: :p ;)
P.S: And the other reason why I posted this is because I wanted to change my name into Kat~Chu (AKA Kat~Raichu)
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