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Request: Karley and Stelluna

by Stelluna

Stelluna This is me and Karley's Ponysonas, requested by @Karley Young . Thanks Karley!
  1. obey_jaidon
    Aww...well, anyway, keep the app in mind! ♥
    Jul 1, 2015
    Karley Young likes this.
  2. Stelluna
    Thanks @MLEevee , but my phone can't fit anything else on it, otherwise I would download it.
    Jul 1, 2015
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  3. obey_jaidon
    Hey, Stellu! Your art is great! If you have a phone or tablet, I recommend and app called Autodesk Sketchbook, an app were you can draw digitally! I'm sure your art would be awesome there! ♥
    Jul 1, 2015
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