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Journeys: Kanto journey (Part One)

by tylerrrrrr

tylerrrrrr the third game I ever played, Firered
this was the journey of Tyler and his Squirtle
Tyler darted out of his house in Pallet town straight to Professor Oak's lab, where he was to recieve his first ever Pokemon. Upon arrival Oak was nowhere to be seen but his Grandson, Blue greeted him in his usuall manner.
"Yo Tyler, you looking for Gramps? what a shame he's late again!"
Tyler then exited the lab and headed for the tall grass just by his hometown when he was stopped
"Don't leave! You don't have your own Pokemon!" Oak exclaimed before taking Tyler back to the lab.

"Blue, Tyler, as you both know i've called you here today to give you your first Pokemon, now liste....."
"BLAH, BLAH, BLAH Gramps this is getting boring can we just get our Pokemon now?"
The professor smiled and nodded
"Very well then, Tyler if you would please select a Pokemon!"
"Patience Blue! Now Tyler you can either take.....
Bulbasaur, the grass type
Charmander, the fire type
Squirtle, the water type
take your pick!"

Tyler slowly walked to the table thinking about who he would chose, which was what he had been quietly thinking of the whole time.
"Professor, I'll take Squirtle!" He said picking up the Pokeball
"Ah...and there was me thinking you were the quiet type!" The professor joked

"I'll chose Bulbasaur!" Blue shouted as he ran over to the table and picked up his new companion
immediatly throwing the Pokeball out
"Tyler, let's battle!"
"Sure!" Tyler replied eagerly, this was his moment to finally be better than Blue

"Okay Bulbasur use Tackle!"
"Squirtle! Water Gun!"
Both Pokemon's attacks were strong but not enough to knock one another out
"Okay Squirtle jump up!"
"Use Vine Whip!"
Blue's attack missed and Squirtle came down and pinned Bulbasaur
"Okay let's finish this with Water Gun!"

Once Squirtle got up, only Bulbasur was left motionless on the floor
"Well done Tyler, and to think it was your first battle!" The Professor said shocked
"Thank you Professor!" Tyler replied in a happy tone
"I'll win next time!" Blue said angrily before storming out
Tyler then thanked the Professor and headed off for Viridian City
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